Top 10 Smoke Spots In Amsterdam
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Top 10 Smoke Spots In Amsterdam

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A visit to Amsterdam is a great opportunity to score some superb weed. But what are the best spots around the city where you can enjoy your joint? In such a picturesque environment, you'll want to take in the beautiful surroundings while you smoke. We've listed 10 uniquely different spots for you to choose from!

Amsterdam has so many coffeeshops offering prime weed. Your visit would not be complete without taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a quality smoke. And while you’re in such a scenic city, we thought we could help you find some of the nicest places to puff-puff-pass.

You might spot quite a few other people smoking weed in the streets, which might make you assume it’s permitted. On the contrary, smoking weed in public is officially prohibited. However, busting people with small quantities is not a big priority for the police. Those caught smoking in public are likely to be let off with just a warning, especially in the city centre. Just remember that smoking in public is always at your own risk. Being inconspicuous is key. Vaporizing can be a much more discreet way to enjoy cannabis in this situation.

If you are visiting other cities, check out our top 10 smoking spots in the NetherlandsAnd why not take a look at our ideas for activities to do while high in Amsterdam? But before that, you need to find somewhere to get high in the first place! Keep reading for our top 10 smoking spots in Amsterdam.

1. Amsterdam coffeeshops

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: Coffeeshops

This is the top choice because it offers the ultimate Amsterdam experience. Moreover, it’s completely legal to smoke weed in a coffeeshop, so you have nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that coffeeshops are tobacco-free zones. However, many of them provide natural tobacco alternatives for rolling joints. What a nice additional service, right?

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Some coffeeshops have very colourful, inviting interiors, offering chill areas where you can hang and revel in your smoke. You might even find some board games or a deck of cards in some lounges. This way, you can really spend some quality time with friends at some locations. Check out our favourite coffeeshops to score and smoke primo weed.

2. The picturesque canals

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: The Picturesque Canals

Take in the cosy ambiance of Amsterdam’s city centre, where crooked houses line the famous canals. At some parts of the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht you will find benches to sit on, placed right at the edge of the canal. In certain areas, you can even walk a few steps down to little docking boards on the water.

The most beautiful view is perhaps “de Gouden Bocht” (the Golden Bend). This is considered the most luxurious part of the Herengracht with the most expensive canal houses. You can find this area between the Leidsestraat and Vijzelstraat. The views are just as astonishing during the evening as during the day. After sunset, many of the bridges crossing the canals are beautifully illuminated.

3. City parks

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: City Parks

The centrally located Vondelpark would be the most obvious option. This urban park is the most popular in Amsterdam, with various sections that feature sculptures, ponds, and flower gardens. The stretched-out lawns of green are very inviting on a sunny day. Big groups of people lounge on the grass everywhere during the summer.

If you would rather avoid the busier parks, you could also try Schellingwouderpark. This is quite a hidden gem as most Amsterdammers don’t even know about it—partially because it’s the city’s newest park, but also because you can only access it by taking a little boat. You can find it down Nieuwendammerdijk in Amsterdam Noord. Such a secret spot is ideal for inconspicuously enjoying your weed while having a lovely view over the IJ.

4. Het Stenen Hoofd

Originally, this dock was built on the Westerdoksdijk in 1905 for Holland America Line cruise ships. Through the decades, “het Stenen Hoofd” (the Stone Head) wasn’t really used as much as anticipated. Many different plans for the dock never came to fruition, and parts of it were demolished over time.

Nowadays, the stone ruins that stick out of the water in the lagoon offer an interesting view, as do the surroundings, where curious biodiversity has developed with a spectacular vertical garden gracing the stone walls. Occasionally, events are held on the grounds near the dock. Most of the time, however, you can take a peaceful stroll, chill on a blanket, or even have a swim.

5. The red-Light district

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: The Red-Light District

Often referred to as “De Wallen”, the famous red-light district is a fun area to walk through already. The streets are full of brothels, strip clubs, and sex theatres, but also quirky little shops and bars. Although no less safe than other areas, it does create a surreal kind of atmosphere to walk around in, especially when you're high.

The neighbourhood has the same iconic Amsterdam architecture as the rest of the centre. Only here the streets are a bit narrower, with smaller bridges spanning across the canals. Some might find this even cosier. At night, the streets are even more visually appealing. The red lights from the brothels are very vivid in the dark, and there are bright neon signs everywhere.

6. The banks of the IJ — EYE museum

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: The Banks Of The Ij

The docks near the IJ river are located near Amsterdam Centraal (Amsterdan Central Station). As it’s quite an open space, walking down the pier is a nice way to get some fresh air while having a smoke. Seeing the boats drifting in and out of the harbour can be very relaxing too. Do you see a stark white, asymmetrical building at the edge of the pier? That’s the EYE film museum.

Closer up, you will notice the modern building is covered in geometric lines. Walk around to see the shape of the building change from each angle. There are some walkways and steps you can hang out on too. A wooden dock can be found in front. You could even check out a movie inside. Whether this is a good idea or not probably depends on your chosen strain of weed.

7. The Jordaan area

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: Jordaan Area

Considered one of the most characteristic neighbourhoods of Amsterdam, you can find the Jordaan area near the Prinsengracht. There, you will find countless typical Dutch bars with the melodies of Dutch folk music carrying out into the streets. If you like some bustling liveliness while smoking, this is definitely the area to walk through.

Depending on how stoned you feel, you might want to visit the Houseboat Museum or the Cheese Museum. Another fun idea would be to check if the Noordermarkt is on that day. This open-air market has a mix of new and vintage clothing, furniture, and trinkets. You never know what curiosities you might bump into, which seem extra curious in your state of mind.

8. Zootje sculpture garden

Speaking of curiosities, we may have found the most surreal spot for you to smoke yet. Zootje Petit Zoo is a small garden full of unusual sculptures in the Plantage area. It may take quite a treasure hunt to find, though. It’s a hidden-away garden in the court of an empty building near Artis Zoo. A little sign indicates the garden can be easily missed.

Once you enter, you will be greeted by big metal sculptures, seeming to have been randomly placed, hiding throughout the tall grass. A huge dinosaur, a weird-looking woman, a monkey that seems like it’s running toward you—it’s all a bit bizarre, and the fact that they all look a bit rusty and unkempt adds to the vibe.

9. The Western Islands

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: The Western Islands

The “Westelijke Eilanden” are a group of artificial islands created on what used to be the edge of the city around 1670. They consist of Prinseneiland, Realeneiland, and Bickerseiland. Originally built to handle all the business activity from the harbour, the buildings were then mostly used as warehouses and shipbuilding yards. Eventually, shipbuilders and sailors also started living there.

In the now urbanised area, the remnants of its historical past are still visible. The architectural style is different from the centre. Many of the buildings in some areas have colourful wooden shutters. Some also have interesting old tile plaques above the entrance. Many of these old warehouses have become galleries, restaurants, or residences. The atmosphere of times gone by can still be felt, though.

10. Inner courtyards

Amsterdam Smoke Spots: Inner Courtyards

Behind some of the canal houses and complex buildings in the centre, you can find rather charming inner courtyards called “hofjes”. By far the most well-known is the Begijnhof, located near het Spui. Parts of the hofjes date back to the 14th century and have been renovated over the years. The elegant courtyards with tiled pathways and squares with benches were meant to offer an oasis of peace amidst the city buzz.

If you appreciate a calm and tranquil place for smoking, it’s all that. Just be reminded that the hofjes are inhabited, usually by upper-class locals. They might find the smell of a burning joint more than offensive. For this reason, this spot might be better suited for vaping or edibles.

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