Blue Cheese (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
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Blue Cheese: Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Combining the sour, almost rancid aroma of UK Cheese with the bold berry sweetness of DJ Short’s Blueberry, Blue Cheese is really something else.

If you’re after exotic aromas and an uplifting high, this is the strain for you.


Blue Cheese is an indica-dominant cross between a UK Cheese mother and a Blueberry father. This strain exudes exotic aromas, is easy to grow, and features a fast flowering time.

Genetics 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Parents UK Cheese, Blueberry
THC 15–20%
Flavours Fruity, Blueberry Pie, Dank Cheese, Skunk
Effects Euphoric, Uplifting, Stoney

Cheese strains are mainly renowned for one trait: their unique, sour aroma. And while there are many different Cheese strains on the market, they’re all believed to descend from a unique Skunk phenotype.

Skunk #1, a US strain bred by Cali’s “Sam the Skunkman”, had huge success in Europe because of its resilience, short flowering time, and ability to produce big yields.

In the 1980s, a grower in Southeast England noticed that one of his Skunk phenos produced a peculiar sour aroma. He cloned the plant, and its genetics eventually landed in the hands of Exodus, an alternative community outside of London that bred the strain and made it available in seed form for the first time.

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Blueberry, on the other hand, is a US strain loved for its dense buds and sweet berry aroma. Bred by DJ Short in the 1970s, Blueberry is a descendant of Juicy Fruit, a three-way sativa cross with roots in Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand.

DJ Short crossed Juicy Fruit with a unique Afghani landrace in the mid 1970s to create a dense, indica-dominant hybrid with a bold berry aroma and great resin production. Today, DJ Short’s Blueberry is treasured by cannabis connoisseurs the world over.

Blue Cheese combines the sour aroma of Cheese with the sweetness of Blueberry, making for a super exotic hybrid that produces great THC levels and an uplifting, energetic high. It’s also very easy to grow, making it ideal for rookie growers.

Blue Cheese (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Parents: Original Cheese x Oregon Blueberry Blend
Genetics: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
Potency: 19%
CBD: Medium
Flowering Type: Photoperiod



Blue Cheese is a fast flowering strain. After you switch it to bloom, it’ll be ready to harvest within 8 weeks. While this strain can be grown both indoors and out, we think it produces the best results under artificial lights. To promote heavy vegetative growth, move your seedlings into your grow room under 18–20hrs of light two weeks after germination and feed them regularly with plenty of nitrogen

Grow Difficulty Beginner / Intermediate
Best suitable to grow Indoors / Outdoors
Climate Mild and Sunny
Variety Feminized
Height Indoor 100–160cm
Height Outdoor 130–200cm
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Harvest period (outdoor) Mid-October
Yield Indoor 450–550g/m²
Yield Outdoor 425–475/plant

Top your plants early so they produce multiple colas, and use LST and pruning to really make the most of your limited light source.

Thanks to its indica-dominant genetics, Blue Cheese is easy to manage indoors. After vegging for 4–6 weeks, your plants should be ready to start flowering. Flip your lights, feed regularly with a quality bloom booster, and get ready to see Blue Cheese in all its glory.

After about 6 weeks of flowering, your Blue Cheese plants will be heavy with dense, trichome-covered buds. Thanks to the strain's Skunk genetics and fast flowering time, you shouldn’t have any problems with pests or plagues. Nonetheless, keep humidity at bay as your plants flower, as their dense flowers can trap humidity and develop bud rot if you're not careful. Oh, and remember to invest in a carbon filter, because these ladies really reek.

Over the next two weeks, flush your plants and keep a very close eye on your trichomes. While the average flowering time for Blue Cheese is 8 weeks, this can vary from one seed bank/phenotype to another.

Come harvest time, you’ll be fighting the urge to start smoking. But trust us; you’ll want to slowly dry and cure your buds to really bring out their unique flavours and aromas. To help preserve as many terpenes as possible, dry your buds evenly on racks at temperatures of about 19–20°C and 50–55% humidity.



Blue Cheese is an absolute delight for the senses. On the nose, this strain is sour, sweet, and extremely pungent, laced with hints of berries. Its flavour is very sweet and tangy, reminiscent of Skunk #1, although some phenotypes can be a little musky.

Meanwhile, Blue Cheese’s effects are very balanced. With roughly 15–20% THC, this strain produces a fast-hitting, long-lasting high that combines physical relaxation with a nice, cerebral euphoria. Thanks to its uplifting and energising high, Blue Cheese is super versatile; enjoy it out with friends, home alone, or even early in the morning to kick-start your day.

Remember, Blue Cheese is available from a few different seed banks, including Royal Queen Seeds, Big Buddha, and Barney’s Farm. They all have something unique to offer, including slightly different aromas and grow traits. The effects are pretty standard across all breeders, though the potency can vary.


Blue Cheese is a very exotic hybrid with great genetics. Whether you're a seasoned grower or a rookie, add this strain to your garden or tent for a reliable grow and a top-shelf, extremely aromatic harvest.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl
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