What Are Terp Pearls And How Do They Work
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What Are Terp Pearls And How Do They Work

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Terp pearls are a new dabbing accessory promising bigger, more flavorful hits from your rig. Keep reading all there is to know about terp pearls, how they work, and whether they are worth your hard-earned cash.

Dabbing is revolutionizing the way we use cannabis. Offering higher potencies and unique flavours, dabs are taking the cannabis space by storm—bringing terp pearls with them.

In this article, we'll take a brief look at terp pearls, how they work, and the benefits they offer.

What are terp pearls?

What are terp pearls?

Terp pearls, also known as banger beads, dab pearls, and terp balls, are a dabbing accessory that has become extremely popular among dabbers and lovers of cannabis concentrates. Typically made of a heat-proof material like borosilicate glass, quartz, or ruby, terp pearls are designed to be loaded into the banger along with your concentrates to help disperse your dabs and promote bigger, more flavourful hits.

Why use terp pearls?

Terp pearls spin around the banger of your dab rig or bubbler when you inhale (see How Do Terp Pearls Work below). This helps to keep the concentrate moving and promotes a cleaner, more even vaporization, which ultimately allows you to draw bigger clouds from your rig or bubbler. Plus, the spinning action of Terp Pearls also helps prevent your concentrates from combusting, meaning you'll also enjoy more flavourful hits.

Using terp pearls also generally lets you heat your dab rig/bubbler to lower temperatures, which again helps preserve terpenes and cannabinoids (which are super fragile and easy to burn). Finally, pearls also reduce the build-up or "puddling" of concentrate at the bottom of your banger—a common problem that occurs due to rapid heat loss in the banger, causing the concentrates to stick to the glass rather than evaporate.

How do terp pearls work?

How do terp pearls work?

Terp pearls usually come in jars or containers (how many pearls in a pack will vary from one manufacturer to another). And while they also might vary in size and colour, all terp pearls are designed to work in the same way.

When placed into your pre-heated banger along with a dose of your favourite concentrate, dab pearls quickly start heating up. Then, as you inhale from your bubbler or rig, the rapid influx of air into the banger, along with the draw from you inhaling, will cause the pearls to spin around the bottom of the banger. As they spin, they'll help keep your concentrate moving as well as oxygenate the banger, allowing for the formation of more vapour and a cleaner, combustion-free vaporization. Not only will this translate into bigger hits, but it'll also help preserve more of the fragile terpenes that give your favourite dabs their rich aroma.

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Can terp pearls melt?

No. Ideally, quality terp pearls are made of heat-resistant materials such borosilicate glass, ruby, or quartz (many of which are used in the manufacture of bongs, pipes, bubblers, and dab rigs). These materials are extremely heat resistant and won't melt or burn in your banger.

Do you need a carb cap?

Do you need a carb cap?

Yes, you need to use a carb cap when dabbing with terp pearls for two main reasons. Firstly, carb caps help get pearls in your banger spinning, allowing them to disperse heat and provide smoother vaporization of the concentrates you're smoking. Secondly, carb caps help contain the pearls inside your banger. The last thing you want is red-hot quartz balls flying around you as you try to hit your bubbler or dab rig.

Note: Not all carb caps work with terp pearls. Make sure to shop around for a cap designed to be used with banger beads.

Terp pearl types and sizes

Terp pearls come in many materials and sizes. Here is a breakdown.


  • Ceramic: Ceramic dab pearls are trendy among dabbers and offer better heat retention than glass pearls. Some users find that ceramic terp pearls produce more flavourful hits thanks to their higher heat retention. However, they also tend to be more fragile than the other types of pearls listed here.

  • Borosilicate: Most cannabis users are familiar with borosilicate, as it is commonly used in producing glass smoking accessories. Borosilicate glass pearls are relatively cheap and work well, though they are the least heat-resistant of all dab pearls.

  • Quartz: Quartz dab pearls are arguably the go-to solution for most serious dabbers. These pearls are highly durable and heat-resistant, and offer great heat retention to promote bigger, more flavourful hits, even when dabbing at lower temperatures.

  • Sapphire or Ruby: Ruby and sapphire dab pearls are prized possessions for those dabbers who opt for them. Besides offering excellent heat retention and flavour preservation, these pearls also look beautiful. However, they are fragile and need to be allowed to cool completely before cleaning, as thermal shock can easily crack these precious pearls.

  • Silicon carbide (SIC): Silicon carbide terp pearls look like small metal balls. They boast excellent heat and thermal shock resistance and are super easy to clean. While they are relatively new on the market, SIC pearls are becoming increasingly popular.

  • Shinju: Shinju terp pearls are made from a unique form of high-temperature ceramics traditionally used to make high-quality chef knives. These beads are super durable, easy to clean with a torch and boast unbeatable heat retention.



Terp pearls commonly come in the following sizes to accommodate different bangers and nails:

  • 4mm: These are the smallest terp pearls on the market and are designed to be used with all-in-one electric dabbing devices. These devices typically have smaller-than-average nails/bangers and need smaller carb caps and terp pearls to accommodate.

  • 6mm: This is arguably the most versatile size of terp pearl. 6mm pearls can be used with a wide variety of bangers. Many users find they offer the best heat dispersion and, therefore, flavourful hits.

  • 9mm: These maxi-sized dab pearls are designed for regular dabbers who are accustomed to using large doses of concentrate at once. They also work best for big dab rigs with equally big bangers.

  • Shaped pearls: Terp pearls can also come shaped as pills. These pearls are designed for larger rigs or particular dab equipment, such as terp slurpers.

How to dab with terp pearls

How to dab with terp pearls

Dabbing with terp pearls is pretty straightforward. While individual users might have their own unique ways of using pearls, we recommend the following method for first-timers:

  1. Clean and dry your dab rig or bubbler.

  2. Fill its water chamber with cold, unchlorinated water.

  3. Place the terp pearls of your choice into your banger, heat as normal, and let the banger cool to your desired temperature.

  4. Load your concentrates into the banger, place your carb cap on top, and inhale gently through the mouthpiece of your rig/bubbler.

  5. Clean both your rig and your terp pearls (more info below).

Note that, for the dab pearls to spin, you'll need to take a strong, steady hit. The pearls should spin rapidly to effectively move both the concentrate and the heat inside your banger.

If you're able to keep an eye on the chamber of your bubbler or rig, you might notice it filling with a cloud of vapour much thicker than what you're used to. That's a good sign that your pearls are doing their job.

How to make terp pearls spin properly

How to make terp pearls spin properly

As we briefly mentioned above, there are a few key elements to keep in mind when dabbing with terp pearls to ensure they spin properly.

First and foremost, you must keep all of your dabbing equipment, particularly your banger and your pearls, sparkling clean. How exactly you clean your pearls will depend on what material they are made from; borosilicate and ceramic pearls, for example, are best cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Soak the pearls in the alcohol first, then wipe them dry with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

More hardy pearls made of quartz, silicon carbide, or Shinju, on the other hand, can be blasted clean with a blowtorch and left to cool completely before being wiped down with alcohol. For the best results every time you dab, make sure to clean your pearls and your rig after each session.

Other factors affecting how your pearls spin include your hit (a steady, strong inhale from your mouthpiece should do the trick) and picking the right pearl size to match your rig.

Terp pearls: Are they worth it?

Terp pearls: Are they worth it?

Terp pearls are becoming increasingly popular among concentrate lovers, and for a good reason. If you already enjoy dabbing, investing in a simple pack of beads can help you maximize the flavours in your concentrates, enjoy bigger hits, and possibly even reduce the temperature needed to fully vaporize your dabs without combusting them. Just remember to follow the info in the posts to pick the correct type of pearls to match your rig and preferences.

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