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9 Cannabis Accounts To Follow On Snapchat

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Snapchat is a photo and video app, that allows you to send private messages, that auto-delete after they are viewed. Here's our list of the top 9 cannabis Snapchat accounts to follow!

Keeping up with the ever-changing cannabis culture is as easy as checking your phone these days. Snapchat has become one of the premiere services for getting pics and videos fast - so here are some cannabis-related accounts to check out!


Snapchat's photo and video app allows you to send out pics and videos, that the receiver can view once before it gets deleted. Once a way to send NSFW photos to your fling, now it is being used to keep fans in the loop of their favorite celebrities and goings-on. For the cannabis connoisseur trying to stay in the know about the latest cannabis strains and trends, there has never been an easier way to get plugged in. Snapchat has truly changed the way that content is delivered. Here's our list of some of the best weed-related Snapchat accounts around!


If you didn't already know, Snoop likes to smoke weed. Over the years, he has transformed himself from rapper to television personality, now co-hosting a TV show with Martha Stewart. He has long been an advocate of cannabis use and active in the pro-cannabis community. With cannabis now fully legalized in California, Snoop has vowed to smoke weed every day, which probably isn't much of a change for him. You can find Snoop on Snapchat under the name SnoopDogg213.


Schoolboy Q is a big time proponent of cannabis legalization and use. He was born on a military base, but eventually ended up in south Los Angeles. After dropping out of school and running with a notorious gang for many years, he turned his life around and has made quite a name for himself in the rap world. Even though he has found "Schoolboy Q" strains at dispensaries around California, he prefers smoking blunts of OG Kush. You can keep up with Schoolboy Q and find out what he's smoking right now at Snapchat name HoovaQ.


If you want to take a break from the stress of everyday life and have a chuckle over some funny weed memes, then Weed Humor might be just what you are looking for. Weed Humor pumps out some of the funniest cannabis-related content on the internet. Everything from weed smoking grannies to aliens puffin' blunts can be found at one of Snapchat's funniest haven's for pot smokers. You can find Weed Humor on Snapchat under the name weedhumor420.


Another Snapchat worth checking out is for Dazed Daizy. She's a cute young cannabis activist who always wears the sexiest threads. You can always catch Daizy showing off buds, bongs and all kind of weed-related content. She raised a couple eyebrows recently with a social media ban for showing just a little too much skin, but on Snapchat that's never a problem. You can expect fun filled selfies and weed-related stories and lots of bud. You can find her at dazeddaizy.


Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper who has become one of the big names in the hiphop scene. He started writing rhymes at nine years old and made his first recordings at age twelve. Wiz is one of the more vocal celebrities when it comes to his cannabis use. He has gone out on MTV, advocating for legalization and even calls his house The Bakery. His Snapchat is a great way to find out where Wiz is on tour right now, a well as for photos backstage and of course, beautiful green buds from time to time. Khalifathecap is where you can find him on Snapchat.


Angela is a smoking hot model and cannabis advocate whose Snapchat will keep you intrigued and tantalized all day. She has graced the covers of Hustler, Tattoo Magazine, Inked Dolls and dozens of other publications. Covered from head to toe in ink, she is by far the sexiest cannabis activist on the internet. You'll get a regular stream of sexy photo shoots and cannabis-related content. Angela isn't scared to interact with her audience through social media and is constantly in communication with her fans. You can find Angela on Snapchat under the name Angela.mazzanti.


It's everybody's favorite and the longest running cannabis magazine around. They were publishing photos of big fat buds decades before Snapchat entered the stage. Well, you no longer have to wait till next month to get pictures of the world's biggest dankest nugs. High Times' Snapchat is a great way to stay up to date with the magazine and even take part in contests and other promotions. Really more than a weed magazine, High Times has become an important voice for a counter culture seeking open discussion on marijuana. You can get connected with High Times' Snapchat at HighTimesMag.


"I want to take a break from looking at beautiful Snapchats of big ripe nuggets", said no one ever. But when that time comes, you'll want to check out Scott Rosinski and his Snapchat account MrGrayGlass. Scott's glass pieces are true works of art. Some of his designs are far too exquisite to ever smoke a bud out of even though that's what they were made for. You'll not only get a peek at some of the most incredible glass around, you will get a behind the scene's view of Scott's workshop and what it takes to make such unbelievable masterpieces.


Merry Jane has become one of the top websites for cannabis culture, news and, oh yeah, lots of photos of weed. Merry Jane's Snapchat account is no different. Every day you will get not only gorgeous pictures of cannabis, you'll get promotions, contests and more. Merry Jane does a great job of integrating their Snapchat and other social media platforms into a one-stop for all things cannabis culture. Find them under the Snapchat account Merryjanemedia.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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