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Keep the good times rolling with the tools, accessories, and smoking paraphernalia you need. You can blaze on a packed bong, pass around a pipe, or take advantage of our comprehensive selection of headshop supplies. Either way, with our sale prices, you're guaranteed to have a great time.

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Metal Bowl (Zamnesia)

The Zamnesia Metal Bowl is a 14mm device that will fit with practically any bong or glassware. This bowl has plenty of space for the finest weed and works well with a 20mm brass screen to ensure hits are smooth and flavorful every time. Complete with an eye-catching cobalt blue color and emblazoned with the Zamnesia logo, this bowl will bring any bong to life, making sessions even more fun.

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Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

The Gravity Hookah by Stündenglass is the premium smoking accessory you've been searching for. This high-quality hookah is designed for a variety of smoking materials, featuring numerous special features that make it a standout accessory in every way. Not only does it boast an impressive appearance, but it's also fun, easy to use, and guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

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Freezable Recycler Dab Rig (Kryo)

The Freezable Recycler Dab Rig by Kryo is a 14" masterpiece crafted from durable and resilient borosilicate glass. This innovative device features a large percolator and Kyrogel-infused glassware, which can be frozen for an instantly chilled smoking experience. Easy to disassemble and clean, it's effortless to maintain the Freezable Recycler Dab Rig. Expect cool hits every time!

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Freezable Upright Bubbler (KRYO)

The Freezable Upright Bubbler by Kryo offers an exceptionally smooth and cool smoking experience. Standing at 12 inches, it contains all-natural Kryogel, which is activated by placing it in the freezer. Ideal for users of all levels, this portable bubbler features a showerhead percolator for further vapor cooling. Easy to clean and maintain, it's perfect for both home setups and on-the-go use.

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PieceMaker Unikorn

The Unikorn by PieceMaker is a limited special edition silicone water pipe that’s compact, fun, magical, functional, and quite simply fantastic! The unicorn-shaped pipe isn’t just a great conversation piece, but is also designed for an enhanced experience. Virtually unbreakable, and very easy to use!

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PieceMaker Kwack

Discover a unique twist on the classic rubber duck with the Kwack by PieceMaker! This water pipe is designed for adult relaxation and fun, perfect for unwinding in the bathtub. Easy to use, clean, and adorable to look at, the Kwack is an ideal gift or a delightful bath time companion to brighten your day.

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Pipe Cleaners (Zamnesia)

Maintaining the cleanliness of your smoking accessory is essential for a pleasant and tasteful experience. Whether you're using a hand pipe or a water pipe, these cleaning tools with woven wire bristles are designed to keep your equipment in top condition. Length: 6 inches. Content: 100 pcs.

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