How To Make Cannabis-Infused Granola
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How To Make Cannabis-Infused Granola

2 min

Want to enjoy edible weed without the calories of a brownie or cookie? Keep reading to learn how to make a delicious and simple cannabis-infused granola that's perfect on its own or dressed up with fruit, yoghurt, milk, chocolate, and more.

For both recreational smokers and medical patients, cannabis can offer a bright, uplifting start to the day. So, if you're a wake-and-baker, what better way to incorporate cannabis into your morning routine than by enjoying a sweet bowl of cannabis-infused granola? Keep reading to learn how to make your own weed granola with ease.



  • 10ml cannabis oil

  • 40g soaked almonds

  • 25g soaked walnuts

  • 35g sunflower seeds

  • 4 fresh dates

  • ¼ tsp cinnamon

  • Pinch of salt

  • Honey (optional)

  • 10ml non-infused coconut oil

Note: This recipe makes around 100g of granola, which is equivalent to two 50g servings.


1. Use a food processor to blend the nuts and seeds together to form a loosely cut mix.

Blend The Nuts And Seeds

2. Seed the dates and add them to the seed and nut mix. Process everything together to form a sticky paste.

Process Everything Together To Form A Sticky Paste

3. Add in the cannabis oil, coconut oil, cinnamon, and salt. Taste the granola and, if you'd like it sweeter, sweeten it lightly with honey.

Add In The Cannabis Oil

4. Transfer the mix onto a lined baking tray and bake it in the oven at 120°C for 10–20 minutes or until golden brown.

Transfer The Mix Onto A Lined Baking Tray

5. Remove the granola from the oven and allow it to cool completely.

Allow It To Cool Completely

6. Store in an airtight container, such as a jar or Tupperware, in your pantry.

Store In An Airtight Container

Notes on making cannabis-infused granola

Notes On Making Cannabis-Infused Granola

Whenever you take cannabis in an edible form, dosing is super important, and eating weed granola is no different. Unfortunately, dosing is a bit tricky, partly because the effects of cannabis vary greatly from one person to another, and because cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the world, meaning it is hard for people to know just how strong their weed is—which makes cooking with it pretty much guesswork.

For this recipe, we recommend using two standard doses of cannabis oil, depending on your tolerance. But how much cannabis oil constitutes a normal dose, and how can you ensure your granola is potent enough to deliver the effects you're after without becoming overpowering?

Well, in most legal cannabis markets, a standard edible dose is considered to contain around 10mg of THC. If you buy edibles from a dispensary in the US, for example, you'll be able to source single 10mg servings or packs of edibles containing multiple servings (usually up to 100mg). When making edibles at home, we recommend sticking to this suggested dose wherever possible.

If you're lucky enough to live in an area where you can legally buy cannabis that's tested for its cannabinoid levels, simply multiply the THC percentage of your weed by 10 to know how many milligrams of THC are in 1 gram of your bud. For example, if you buy weed with 20% THC, every gram of dry bud contains 200mg of THC, which is equivalent to twenty 10mg doses. From there, you'll know how many milligrams of THC go into the canna-oil or cannabutter you make at home. Seeing that our recipe makes two servings of granola, we recommend infusing it with enough cannabis oil to constitute 20mg of THC.

If, for example, you've infused 100ml of oil with 1g of cannabis containing 20% THC, you'll need 10ml of oil to infuse the recipe above.

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7 serving suggestions for weed granola

According to nutritionists, one serving of granola is roughly 30–50g. While you can eat your homemade cannabis granola on its own, why not spice it up with fresh fruit, berries, yoghurt, and more? Below are some of the ways we love to jazz up our granola at Zamnesia.

  • Granola with plain Greek yoghurt, sliced banana, fresh blueberries, and dark chocolate chips

  • Granola with almond or oat milk, fresh sliced strawberries, and dried apple chips topped with a drizzle of honey

  • Granola with milk, sliced red apples, sliced mango, and sprinkled with toasted chia and pumpkin seeds

  • Granola with plain Greek yoghurt, dried figs, dates, and raisins

  • Granola with milk, sliced fresh oranges, toasted pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate flakes

  • Granola with plain Greek yoghurt, fresh blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and mango

  • Granola with chocolate milk/cocoa, dried coconut flakes, and sliced banana

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Cannabis granola — Perfect at any time of the day

Cannabis Granola — Perfect At Any Time Of The Day

Whether you eat it in the morning or as an afternoon snack, weed granola is a delicious way to enjoy edible cannabis, and a healthy alternative to brownies, cookies, and other calorie-heavy edibles. Make your own today, and be sure to try out our serving suggestions to take your cannabis granola to the next level.

Happy baking!

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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