How To Make Ginjah: Cannabis Gin And Tonic
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How To Make Ginjah: Cannabis Gin And Tonic

3 min

Perfect for parties and gatherings, ginjah is a cannabis-infused drink that combines your favourite strains with a bottle of your finest gin. The result is a flavourful, aromatic, and potent blend that takes the best parts of both, and provides a brand-new experience that you won't want to miss out on. Here's how to make it.

You might be thinking that enjoying cannabis or an ice-cold gin and tonic are mutually exclusive. Well, you couldn't be more wrong (respectfully)! In fact, “ginjah” is a fantastic way to enjoy both ganja and gin. But how is it done? Let us take you through everything you need to know to craft a refreshing ginjah beverage that's bound to dazzle your friends and family. This standout cannabis infusion is perfect for serving at parties and gatherings. Best of all, you don't need to be a professional mixologist to pull it off!

How to infuse the gin

How To Infuse The Gin

Luckily, alcohol is one of the main methods used to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, making the infusion stage of our ginjah recipe a cinch. All you need to do is soak the cannabis in the alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours. However, the longer you leave it, the better; around 2–4 weeks should really maximise the infusion. This is the perfect choice for those planning a party or celebration ahead of time.

Although some recipes (including ours) also suggest heating the alcohol slightly through a warming bath, technically all that's needed is to steep and strain. Once ready, the infused alcohol can be stored until you’re ready to use it.

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So, what do you need in order to produce some high-quality ginjah for yourself? You might be surprised to learn that with just a couple of ingredients, it's easy to create this cannabis-infused drink. Here's what you'll need.

  • 12 grams cannabis buds
  • 0.7l bottle of good gin


Alongside your ingredients, you'll need the following items, and you'll be all set.

  • Funnel
  • Saucepan
  • Cheesecloth mesh


1. First, grind the cannabis as finely as you can. This can be achieved with your standard grinder. However, if you're looking for the finest mill possible, you can always use a pestle and mortar. If you're using leaves, chop them finely with scissors.

First, Grind The Cannabis As Finely As You Can

2. To "activate" your weed, decarboxylate it in the oven at 110°C for 40 minutes. Let it cool down afterwards.

To "Activate" Your Weed, Decarboxylate It

3. Next, place the ground plant matter in your gin bottle. Ensure that the weed is completely covered by the alcohol.

Next, Place The Ground Plant Matter In Your Gin Bottle

4. Firmly seal the bottle, shake well, and place it in a cool, dark place for a minimum of two days. As discussed, it's advised to leave it a few weeks for a fuller infusion. For the best results, be sure to shake the bottle at least once a day for a few minutes to recirculate the plant matter.

Firmly Seal The Bottle, Shake Well

5. Once the plant matter has been steeped to your satisfaction, pouring it into a saucepan, strain the plant matter out of the liquid using the cheesecloth mesh.

Strain The Plant Matter Out Of The Liquid

6. Using a funnel, fill your ginjah back into the gin bottle.

Fill Your Ginjah Back Into The Gin Bottle

7. You've now got your cannabis-infused gin. Of course, typically, gin is served with tonic and lemon, but your imagination is the limit in terms of what you can do with ginjah. Combine it with other drinks or as an ingredient in a cocktail; the choice is entirely up to you!

Alternatively, if you don't want to wait this long, you can speed up the steeping process with heat.

To do this, fill your saucepan with water and bring it to a boil on the hob. Turn off the heat and then place the ginjah bottle in the hot water; let it sit for about half an hour to infuse. Ensure that the hot water does not cover the top of the bottle. Another way of achieving this is by placing the sealed bottle in the dishwasher and running it through a hot wash cycle. Just make sure that the bottle is tightly sealed!

What strains should I use?

What Strains Should I Use?

While you can use pretty much any strain to infuse your gin, we've got a few recommendations that will really bring out the flavours, aromas, and effects of your ginjah.

Lemon Power Haze (Zamnesia Seeds)

It's no secret that citrus goes exceptionally well with gin. That's why we've picked out this refreshingly sweet and lemony selection. This cross between Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze delivers flawlessly in all areas. She offers up large yields of top-notch buds that are ideal for infusion. With around 20% THC to her name, the effects are hugely cerebral and ultimately uplifting. Just be sure to go easy when mixing with alcohol!

Lemon Power Haze (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Parents: Lemon Skunk x Amnesia Haze
Genetics: 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Potency: 20%
CBD: 0-1%
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Amnesi-K Lemon (Kannabia)

From the team at Kannabia comes Amnesi-K Lemon. As the lovechild of Amnesia, Lemon Skunk, and Jack Herer, this is a fruity citrus force to be reckoned with. With some outstanding yields in the region of 500g/m² after only 50–55 days of flowering, you'll have some impressive lemony buds on your hands in no time. Perfect for pairing with your favourite gin, Amnesi-K Lemon makes for the ideal ginjah raw material.

Amnesi-K Lemon (Kannabia) feminized

Parents: Amnesia x Lemon Skunk x Jack Herer
Genetics: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks
Potency: 23%
CBD: 0-1%
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Lemon Shining Silver Haze (Royal Queen Seeds)

Last, but by no means least, Lemon Shining Silver Haze is a super-sour yet sweet citrus treat. With a huge haul of bud totalling around 650g/m², there's certainly a lot to work with when it comes to Lemon Shining Silver Haze. Alongside some awesome flavours and aromas are her high-flying effects. Users can anticipate a strong head rush with plenty of euphoric sensations, making this strain an excellent choice for pairing with your chosen gin.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Parents: Lemon Skunk x Shining Silver Haze
Genetics: 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Potency: 21%
CBD: 0-1%
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Let the fun BE-GIN

Let The Fun BE-GIN

As you can tell, creating your very own ginjah is an effortless affair. Pairing your favourite gin with your favourite strains is an easy task, and bound to impress any guests. Just be sure to drink responsibly. The combined inebriating power of alcohol and cannabis may take you by surprise, giving you a double buzz. Enjoy in moderation, and you'll benefit from everything that ginjah has to offer.

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Adam Parsons
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