Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized


Grab the unique opportunity to try out the smashing Lemon Gelato, the latest lovechild from Zamnesia and Kannabia. Bred by crossing elite strains supplied by each seed bank, this plant is a fantastic example of modern-day cannabis genetics. It offers a high THC content of 18 to 22%, fantastic yield potential, and moreish terps.

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Kannabia x Zamnesia - Lemon Gelato: Exclusive Deliciousness

Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia)

We love working with like-minded cannabis breeders, and we love treating our customers even more! That's why we're always on the lookout for the best genetics and seed banks to collab with. This time, we bring you the one and only Lemon Gelato, created in cooperation with our friends at Kannabia. The breeders at Kannabia brought their Gelato-K to the table, and we contributed our Lemon Power Haze. Award-winning, highly aromatic, and uplifting, Gelato-K was the perfect match for our equally tasty, sativa-dominant THC powerhouse. Together, these fragrant plants created a superb specimen that boasts lots of THC and a sativa-dominant profile (60% sativa, 40% indica).

To get your hands on these seeds, you will have to hurry—we will only be releasing 500 packs. Talk about exclusive! Each pack contains 5 seeds, so you could share them with your buddies if you are feeling generous, or keep them all for yourself.

Growing Lemon Gelato

Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia)

This exceptional strain grows vigorously, producing medium-tall, manageable plants. Peaking at 150cm if cultivated under grow lights, or at 180cm under hot sunrays, Lemon Gelato is a true green beauty. It develops more branches at the bottom, which creates the typical pine tree look. The distance between nodes is short and flowers pack on serious weight while they mature. Overall, Lemon Gelato is easy on the eye and can be grown by cannabis enthusiasts of all experience levels. Just give your plants plenty of attention and loving care.

Lemon Gelato speeds through its flowering phase, taking as little as 63–68 days to be harvest-ready indoors. Outside, you're looking at early October. When your plant's life cycle is over, it's time to dry and cure your haul, and the results are sure to put a big smile on your face. In optimal conditions outside, each plant can churn out up to 700–750g, while indoor specimens also produce healthy returns.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effects of Lemon Gelato

If you're not tempted to try these seeds yet, wait till you hear about the terpene profile of this plant and the high it produces. Considering both parent strains are all about uplifting, happy vibes, it's no wonder that their progeny is the ultimate pick-me-up smoke. Powerful cerebral effects are in store for those lucky enough to try these flowers. Lemon Gelato will lift your spirits, breathe a gust of euphoria into your day, and make you feel light and carefree. Bring these nugs to a party, and you will have a great time with your friends, talking about anything and everything and laughing loudly.

But there's more, because Lemon Gelato is also packed with fragrant terpenes. Each toke is as pleasant as the next, with sweet and sour aromas blending beautifully and fighting for your attention. A trained palate will notice a solid fruity base with a prominent lemon influence, which together creates a mix of zingy and zesty with a dash of sweetness.

What's in the Box?

Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia)

These fabulous seeds are nestled in a neat collector's box that includes:

  • 5 Lemon Gelato seeds
  • Certificate of authenticity, each with a unique number
  • Kannabia King Size Rolling Papers
  • Kannabia Clipper Lighter
  • Zamnesia Unbleached Rolling Papers + Tips
  • Zamnesia Karma Silicone Pipe

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Reviews (20)
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    Tolle Sorte
    Keimung war problemlos und die Pflanzen haben sich gut entwickelt. Auch die Ernte war sehr gut. Geschmacklich etwas zitronig und sehr lecker. Das Highlight bei den Kollaborationen ist aber sicherlich immer die Aufmachung der Boxen und des Zubehörs, sowie das perfekte Marketing von Zamnesia. Wenn man sieht, was man für den Preis bekommt (Qualität und Quantität), ist das alles andere als teuer. Da gibt es wesentlich teurere Sorten auf dem Markt.

    D. S.

    Lemon Gelato heerlijke geuren en vette toppen
    1 zaadje ter "test" van groot gebracht in mijn test/observatie ruimte ter voorbereiding van het echte werk. Plant is redelijk in de hoogte gegaan en van onder tot boven dicht begroeid met heerlijk citrusachtig riekende toppen, toppen waren ook zeer dik en stuk voor stuk ook boven gemiddeld groot tov andere soorten die je ter vergelijking zou kunnen nemen. Na het drogen,knippen en "curen" word je beloond met de typische haze smaak en daar onder verscholen de citrus ondertoon die het helemaal af maakt ! Ook is dit een "triomphen" rijke plant , wat het dus ideaal maakt om je knip afval te gebruiken voor het maken van hasj! Het effect valt zoals een goede haze hoort te doen, meteen zwaar, ideale couch lock / slaapwel muts. Iets minder ideaal als je nog zaken te doen hebt na het roken..... ;-)

    M. H.

    Impressive growth and a choice of phenotypes
    All five seeds germinated although I needed 4, they’ve grown vigorously. At 9 weeks now and they look like another week and stacking up. All four look very different, two purple ones and one of which looks very sativa in structure, two green phenos with similar structure. The whole room smells great and I can’t wait to vape some.

    L. T.

    Lemon Gelato
    War ein toller Pflanze! Tolles Profil ! Harte buds und ist sogar etwas lila geworden . 1 von 1 ist gekeimt. Endergebnis hatt toll gerochen hatte aber etwas unterdurchschnittliche THC werte von 13-17 Prozent ! Werde die sicher nochmal ziehen um mir ihre Schwestern anzuschauen .

    K. S.

    sehr interessant
    gute Keimrate, leckeres Errgebnis.

    M. B.

    5/5 zaden ontkiemt zeer tevreden over de huidige resultaten.
    5/5 zaden ontkiemt zeer tevreden over de huidige resultaten.

    T. T.

    Hy ,ich bin Glücklich alle fünf haben das Leben erblickt, zwei sind Mütter geworden und die anderen drei, haben noch ne weile. Ich bin gespannt auf den Geschmack. Ich habe keine Probleme mit dem Produkt ich bin sehr zufrieden. Ich danke euch

    K. S.

    Suoer Samen
    Es gedeiht u wächst...muss nur noch schmecken u wirken

    T. H.

    Ein Traum!
    Wer schon auf der Suche nach Weihnachtsgeschenken für die best buddys ist, dem sei diese Box ans Herz gelegt. Macht sich gut auf dem Gabentisch!

    T. K.

    Joli packaging

    S. A.
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Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized
Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized
Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized
Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized
Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized
Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized
Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized
Lemon Gelato (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized