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Autoflowering cannabis seeds are perfect for cannabis enthusiast looking to produce multiple happy moments a year. Unlike traditional cannabis strains, the crafty breeding behind autoflowering plants allows them to flower with age, rather than a changing light period. Furthermore, the range of autoflowering cannabis seeds available covers all the classics, including Amnesia Haze, Northern Light, and AK-47. To help make decisions easier, we have put together a list of the top 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds here at Zamnesia – updated on a bi-weekly basis!

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Black Orchid Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

It's said that the orchid symbolizes love, refinement, and beauty; Black Orchid Automatic embodies all these attributes and more. This autoflowering variety offers a unique and enjoyable flavor profile and is known for its generous yields under optimal conditions. 

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Wurlz F1 Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

By harnessing the same genetic techniques that are used in commercial farming, the Wurlz F1 hybrid Automatic from Zamnesia offers a reliable and uniform growing experience that results in a bevy of buds rich in terpenes. Taking just 9–10 weeks from seed to harvest, this is a fast-growing cultivar that rewards growers with sweet, fruity nugs that showcase deeply soothing sensations.

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Frosted Guava Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Looking for an auto with great aromas, plenty of potency, and solid American genetics? Then look no further. Zamnesia's Frosted Guava Automatic delivers exceptional yields, a complex tropical fruit aroma, and a robust potency that's perfect for enthusiasts.

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Jealousy Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

Jealousy Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds showcases an easygoing growing experience that takes just 9–10 weeks, offering unique flavours and uplifting attributes. Jealousy Automatic is bound to be a standout among your plant collection. Discover robust yields with this variety!

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Royal Dwarf (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Royal Dwarf by Royal Queen Seeds is a hybrid combination of the Easy Bud with Skunk. This feminized cannabis seed is composed of Sativa 10%, Indica 60%, and Ruderalis 30% genetics. This masterpiece in genetics is the result of combining the best auto-flowering breeds with an exceptional Skunk female.

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Purple Queen Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Purple Queen Automatic will relax every muscle in your body while treating your taste buds to notes of sweetness, pine, and fruit.

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Apple Fritter Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Few autoflowering cannabis varieties deliver the potency, aromas, and excellent grow traits found in Apple Fritter Automatic. Backed by top-shelf US genetics, this seed is sure to quickly climb your list of favorite autoflowering strains.

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Runtz F1 Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Boasting supreme genetics, the Runtz F1 Automatic seed variety by Zamnesia Seeds is here to enhance your seed cultivation collection. This compact plant offers uniformity, reliability, and, above all, great buds that are teeming with mouth-watering terpenes and robust potency. If you've been looking for a robust autoflower seed that will deliver the goods, Runtz F1 Automatic could be for...

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Blueberry Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

The classic Blueberry variety has been given an autoflowering update. By crossing this well-known strain with ruderalis genetics, we've created a robust, fast-growing, and potent plant that's ready in approximately 8–9 weeks from planting to harvest.

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Candy Shop Pack - Automatic Strains

Open yourself up to super-sweet vibes with the Candy Shop Automatic Pack. This carefully curated collection of high-quality cannabis seeds not only offers a great growing experience for all, but also jaw-dropping sugar-sweet flavours that are sure to impress. Taking just weeks to go from seed to harvest, these auto plants are easygoing and abundant.

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