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In less joyful and more turbulent times, there is one man you can always count on. One that brings a smile to everyone’s face—he who rises in times of misery; the man who dedicated his life to battling high prices and searching for the best bargains, and from whom even Santa Claus asked for help… (drumroll) ZuperZammi.

This time, he is back with countless Zuper gifts. During the month of April (2021), with every purchase of €25 or more, you will receive a free ZuperZammi scratch card. These scratch cards entitle you to Zuper gifts worth up to €45. Every card is a winner, making for a fun and stress-free promotion for his amazing Zamnesia fellows!

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- With every order in April (2021) of €25 or more (excluding shipping cost), you’ll receive a free ZuperZammi scratch card.

- This promotion will last until we run out of stock on ZuperZammi scratch cards or selected products.

- ZuperZammi scratch cards entitle you to free products that you can redeem with subsequent orders.

- The voucher codes are only valid until the validation date displayed on the card.

- To redeem your gift, the minimum order value must be at least €25 (excluding shipping cost).

- Gifts cannot be substituted for any other item, cash or credit.

- All seed-related gifts are supplied by the Zamnesia Seeds seed bank unless otherwise mentioned.

- The voucher codes are unique and will only work once on the linked customer account.

- If you win a prize that we do not ship to your location, please contact us via www.zamnesia.com/uk/contact-us

- The voucher codes from this promotion cannot be used in combination with other vouchers.

- Only one voucher code can be used per order. This does not mean that you are only entitled to a single gift. To redeem multiple gifts, you simply have to place multiple orders.

- Zamnesia reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel, remove, or otherwise modify the promotion at any time, without prior notice.

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