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Ese T. Bilbo Auto (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

The feminized Ese T. Bilbo by Genehtik Seeds is the autoflowering version of the Canadian Sweet Tooth. This strain really puts the pedal to the metal and switches to flowering after only 2 weeks of vegetative growth. It reaches a height of 70cm and produces plenty of branches, all loaded with resinous buds that provide a soft and narcotic high with a sweet and rough aroma and flavor.

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Kiss Dragon (Samsara Seeds) feminized

The highly regarded Sativa genetics from Nepal found its way to the Samsara Seeds breeders that made the best of it. By crossing it with a carefully selected Indica they managed to create a powerful hybrid with a characteristic scent of the traditional, South Asian Charas. Balanced hybrid ready to make your imagination lift off.

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Cal-Train Wreck (Sagarmatha Seeds) feminized

Cal-Train Wreck from Sagarmatha is the sublime Californian version of the world renowned Train Wreck. Harnessing the very best phenotypes of this variety, Cal-Train Wreck goes far beyond the usual destination; lifting you high into the sky. Chugging along at a good pace, she flowers in as little as 60 days and is capable of producing a hefty cargo of cannabis too. A compact classic in the...

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Mig 29 (Auto Seeds) feminized

Quick and powerful, just as the name has it - the feminized Mig 29 by Auto Seeds is a cross between cannabis ruderalis and a quality G13 Haze, which resulted in a fast growing strain with high yields and complex effect. Perfect for any kind of setup, both indoors and outdoors.


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Dub (Reggae Seeds) regular

The regular Dub by Reggae Seeds is a fast flowering blend of Critical Mass and Kalijah genes. This mix produces compact and uniform plants with very dense buds within only 45-55 days of flowering. Dub is perfectly suited for the SOG method, but does equally well outdoors, where she delivers her fruits by late September/early October. Enjoy the mesmerizing aromas of fennel, anise and hash.

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Deep Purple (TGA Subcool) regular

Deep Purple is based on a variety with many aliases, the legendary Purple Urkle. TGA Subcool crossed it with Querkle, which is a blend of Purple Urkle and Space Queen, wherein Space Queen is a mix of Cinderella 99 and the famed 100% Indica Romulan. The result is a short and stocky plant that does not grow very fast and yields only averagely, but delivers a superior end product.

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Zamnesia Zip Hoodie

Become a shipmate aboard Zamnesia and set sail with this navy blue hoodie with zipper. No worries matey, our route does not lead to the storm-lashed sea of the roaring 50's, but rather calm navigable water. But you should be prepared for a stiff breeze of chatter because the imprints will surely give rise to questions. Material: 90% cotton, 10% polyester. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL and...


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Domina (CBD Seeds) feminized

Domina by CBD Seeds is known for its very high yields and for being a strain with some of the most compact and heavy buds on the market today. It is a stable predominately Indica (90%) that brings forth plants that grow like a single central stem with a huge main umbel of flowers. The end product of Domina exudes a floral aroma and provides a very relaxing high.

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Indica Collection Pack (Positronics) feminized

This mix pack gives you the chance to try 3 great Indica strains in one pack. Black Widow, Critical #47 and Blue Rhino. 2 seeds of each strain.

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G Bomb (Big Buddha Seeds) feminized

G-Bomb is a strain that was found in the underground scene of the UK and perfected to a easy to grow feminized Bomb by Big Buddha Seeds. Serious Indica Power!

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Collection 1 (Medical Seeds) feminized

This is the perfectly balanced mix pack containing Prozack, Channel+ and Sour Diesel, two seeds of each strain.


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Autoflower Haze (Bulldog Seeds) feminized

Autoflower Haze feminized by Bulldog Seeds is a mysterious autoflowering Haze. Even the breeder leaks very little information about it, but what we can tell, is, that it has a flowering time of 9-10 weeks and that it is a good yielder. The plants develops many nice lime green buds.

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Vapium Summit+

No matter where you are in the world, the Vapium Summit+ will ensure you always have a vaporizer to hand. With its rugged and tough design, high reliability, and quality vapour production, Summit+ has everything a portable vaporizer enthusiast could want, irrespective of whether you are climbing mountains, or just heading to the shops.


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New York City (Pyramid Seeds) feminized

The feminized New York City by Pyramid Seeds gives you a good idea of the "big apple" - full of energy, yet slow at times and filled to the brim with diesel smell. NYC is a 70% Sativa variety that adapts to any environment and delivers massive yields of 500 grams, while staying at a height of 80-120cm. You have to be patient though - she requires 70-80 days to produce her buds.

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SPR Haze (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

SPR Haze is a rich tasting hybrid that serves up a prolonged cerebral high of relaxed proportions. A medical marvel in her own right, SPR Haze delivers not only on a recreational front but on a medicinal one too - ready for the picking in just over 9 weeks of flowering. Formidable potency, flavour and aroma.

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Lemon Ice (Ripper Seeds) feminized

Bring some much needed citrus and haze flavor to the cannabis community, Lemon Ice from Ripper Seed is a remarkable tasty marijuana morsel. This feminized Sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing Lemon Haze with Afghani, a perfect pairing indeed. Plentiful yields, authentic aromas and tremendously tasty bud are what await all those that are willing to tackle this tip-top cannabis...

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Spliff Cheese (Spliff Seeds) feminized

The feminized Spliff Cheese by Spliff Seeds is based on a specially selected clone of the infamous English Cheese - Spliff Seeds crossed her with their smelly Skunk No.1 and after several years of breeding they achieved a fast-flowering stable strain with more than satisfactory yields and rock-hard buds. It reaches 60-110cm and delivers 400-500g/m² of weed with a high medicinal value.


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Auto Sweet Dwarf (Advanced Seeds) feminized

Auto Sweet Dwarf feminized by Advanced Seeds is a predominantly Indica hybrid; its Ruderalis genetics warrant early and automatic flowering. Auto Sweet Dwarf is an intensely sweet tasting medium high growing strain.

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Afghan Skunk (Mr. Nice) regular

The regular Afghan Skunk by Mr. Nice is also known as "Nordle", a code Mr. Nice used to refer to on the phone when he was smuggling Afghan hashish back in the early 1970s. It was the best hashish in the world and Nordle has been bred to bring back the days of sticky resin, tangy flavor and a high that takes the user to paradise. Particularly suited for short outdoor seasons.


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Conspiracy Kush (TGA Subcool) regular

Conspiracy Kush is the love child of Obama Kush and Space Queen. As the name already suggests it is a hybrid with a high Indica share, namely 70%. The plants stay short to medium high and barely stretch during the flowering phase, which means you can cap the plants pretty much at the maximum height you want the plants to have at the end of their life cycle. 22% THC.

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Lost Coast Skunk Auto (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Something of a classic revival, Lost Coast Skunk Auto from Humboldt Seeds sees the emergence of spellbinding feminized autoflower capable of producing big yields and even bigger effects. A multicolored marvel of pungent distinction, Lost Coast Skunk Auto panders to all the senses, treating you to the smoke of a lifetime. Ideal for first timers, as doesn't require too much maintenance.

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Galactic Jack (TGA Subcool) regular

Galactic Jack is the right fuel to propel your mind up to unknown altitudes. The name of the strain is a cool play on words - she was created by crossing Jack Herer with Space Queen. She is a tall plant with a high Sativa dominance and extreme potency. Galactic Jack boasts with a THC level of 25% and a very uplifting and energetic high. Ready for harvesting after 10 weeks.

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Black Leaf Hemp Wick Dispenser

Black Leaf is always up-to-date and known for their glass devices - these two-piece hemp wick dispensers clearly show they listen to the pulse of the times. We have two sizes on offer; one with a height of 70mm and a more bulbous body, and one with a height of 65mm with a more cylindrical shape. Hemp Wick sold separately.


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Sonic Screwdriver (TGA Subcool) regular

Sonic Screwdriver is one of the best yielding strains around - it is a must for every commercial growers' toolbox. This 75% Sativa/25% Indica hybrid with a great citrus flavor is an appropriate tool for relaxation and chilling, but also works great if you want to get things done. Takes 9-10 weeks to reach maturity due to its Sativa dominance, but its medical benefits make up for the wait.

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