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Kosher Choco Kush (Amsterdam Genetics) feminized

Kosher Choco Kush by Amsterdam Genetics takes their popular White Choco to a new level. This great new strain gives us the great flavour of their White Choco but now adds some serious growing vigour and the potency and effect of a Kosher Kush. Out comes a fantastic Indica/Sativa hybrid that definitely won’t disappoint!


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Critical 47 (Positronics) feminized

Talk about diverse heritage, the feminized Critical #47 by Positronics inherits genetics from Columbia, Mexico, and India, with ancestry rooted in grandparent strains Critical Mass and Afghani Skunk. A 50/50 split of indica and sativa, the skunky cannabis is a quick-flowering, tasty delight, and its fruity aroma is only surpassed by its calming, meditative high.


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Auto Northern (CBD Seeds) feminized

Auto Northern, feminized, by CBD Seeds is a stabilized autoflowering hybrid bred by crossing an Indica and a Sativa native to Seattle, Washington for over 25 years. The outcome is an award winning strain with superb genetics. The plants require a flowering time of 8-9 weeks to produce a big main bud, totally covered with shiny white trichomes. Enjoy the sweet floral aroma and vanilla taste.

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White Fire OG (Growers Choice) Feminized

White Fire OG displays a kaleidoscope of colours when mature, and packs a high-THC punch when smoked. The plant grows to very manageable heights, takes well to training techniques like SOG and ScrOG, and features a rich and full flavour.


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Pocket Ashtray Casino Chips

Don’t gamble with that dangling ash! Catch it in this hollow stack of casino chips. Or James Bond wannabes can try and put them all on black.

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Maxi Gom (Grass-O-Matic) feminized

Autoflowering strain from Grass-O-Matic. Ready to harvest in 75 days.


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Metal Bong Straight

Metal bong (21cm x 3.5cm) with rubber base and curved inhalation tube.


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Cannaboss Suit and Tie

Looking for something smart that screams your love for cannabis? Maybe looking to suit up for the next Cannabis event near you? Well, why not dress like a boss with the Cannaboss suit!

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Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Amazonian

This variety of the Psilocybe cubensis is from the Amazon forest. It’s quite large and meaty, with light brown coloured caps bearing small nipples on top of them. Sometimes known as matias romero, it produces short, stubby mushrooms with solid stems in its first flush; the second and third flush can produce caps of 10 cm or more. This spore syringe contains 10 ml.


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Wooden Grinder Basic (2 Parts)

This chunky hardwood grinder uses brass pins set in the lid and base to create the grinding effect. Made by Indian craftsmen, this 2-piece weed mill is simplicity itself. Sits in the hand with a satisfying weight. So it’s a resounding Namaste, bud grinders!


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Acrylic Pipe Shotgun

Rumor is ... the term "shotgun" originates from US soldiers smoking weed through shotguns. Well, this one is make from acrylic, is easier to clean than a real shotgun and the loads it fires are rather healthy than lethal. Besides, it looks much better and makes you more friends!


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Stainless Brush

A clean smoking device or vaporizer is the best basis for a pleasant experience, thus frequent cleansing is mandatory. And then there are those tenacious stains or deposits - what an annoyance! Use this brush with stainless handle to take care of those. Length: 50cm

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Scale California (100 x 0.01g)

A large black clamshell lid and a leatherette pouch protects the California scale. Weighing up to 100g and accurate to 0.01g, it uses an LCD screen and operates with 2 x AAA batteries (included). Backed by a limited 30-year warranty.

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Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Ban Hua Thanon

A lot of different Psilocybe cubensis strains on the market today originate from Thailand, not a surprise since they grow abundantly in the wild over there. The 'Ban Hua Thanon' is a beautiful magic mushroom strain named after the village it originates from in Thailand. This spore print will make it possible for you to make your own spore syringes.

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The Stones (Mr. Nice) regular

The Stones by Mr. Nice is a predominately Sativa strain bred by crossing Master Kush with an Afghan Skunk. This new blend of old school genetics is an exclusive limited edition! The Stones has a flowering time of 9-12 weeks, depending on the environment. The Stones is suitable for indoor, outdoor (only in the southern hemisphere) and greenhouse cultivation and can yield up to 500gr per...

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Dugout Pipe with Leaf

You like to have a quick toke en-route? Then you will enjoy this small combination of pipe and weed compartment which easily fits into your pocket or bag. It is made of natural wood and has a smooth polished surface. Swivel the lid aside and the spring-loaded brass mini-pipe pops out and you'll have a toke in no time. Measurements: 4.5 x 1.5 x 10cm


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Black Valley (Ripper Seeds) feminized

Black Valley by Ripper Seeds is (not only) for the Indica and hashish lovers all over the world. This 100% Indica has a flowering time of around 60 days - indoors, after a vegetative phase of 2-3 weeks - and produces high yields of very potent marijuana. The large and dense buds exude the intense smell of fine Afghan hash and trigger a relaxing, durable high when smoked.

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MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA

You are new to growing your own magic mushrooms and have no clue which strain you should choose or simply want to compare them? The Grow Kit Variety Pack by MushMush is the answer - it contains three different grow-kits, each with a content of 540ml of colonized substrate. All kits can be grown side by side in the same grow bag.


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Ese T. Bilbo Auto (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

The feminized Ese T. Bilbo by Genehtik Seeds is the autoflowering version of the Canadian Sweet Tooth. This strain really puts the pedal to the metal and switches to flowering after only 2 weeks of vegetative growth. It reaches a height of 70cm and produces plenty of branches, all loaded with resinous buds that provide a soft and narcotic high with a sweet and rough aroma and flavor.

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Afghani Gold (Spliff Seeds) feminized

The feminized Afghani Gold by Spliff Seeds is the offspring of a female Afghani #1 and Skunk No.1. It grows very uniform and develops elongated, solid and thick buds within 8-9 weeks of flowering. The plants reach a height of 80-120cm and produce 400-500g/m² of highly potent weed with the aroma of fine Afghan hash. The smoke has a fruity, sweet and earthy flavor. Narcotic Indica high.

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Apollo 13 BX (TGA Subcool) regular

Apollo 13 BX is a cross comprised of Apollo 13 and Vortex genetics. Combining those two Sativa dominant varieties led to a tall plant with the typical lanky appearance of a Sativa and very resinous and sticky buds filled to the brim with THC. The smoke of Apollo 13 BX induces a strong, clear and cerebral high. If you need a boost of creativity, this is the proper propellant.

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Armageddon (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

Brimming with power, Armageddon from Homegrown Fantaseeds is a heavy hitting Indica that produces the goods in a big way. When it comes to powerhouse pots of this nature you'd assume that for all that strength it would have no speed. Well, Armageddon is an exception to the rule, boasting a lightning quick flowering time of just 8 weeks!

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CBD Salve (Trompetol)

Trompetol CBD Salve is a brand new highly concentrated salve produced using only the finest 100% natural ingredients. This highly effective salve is the perfect alternative or complement to traditional pharmaceutical creams. Contains a high amount of Cannabis sativa extract, but is nevertheless free from THC.


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Double Alien 18 (Grow Your Own Collection) feminized

DNA Genetics is home to a bunch of expert breeders and they never stop to impress with their creations. Double Alien 18 is the result of mingling the genetics of the masterly OG #18 and the extraterrestrial Martian Mean Green. With its liability to the Indica side it comes to no surprise one does not have to wait for long to see beautiful results. Requires only 9 weeks of flowering to...


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