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Magic Truffles Grow Kit 'Fantasia'

Magic Truffles Grow Kit 'Fantasia'

Fantasia is a well-chosen name for this Psilocybe strain, for it is true "food for fantasy" and cranks up the creativity. It is well-known for its influence on the visual field and for triggering strange thinking processes. For most users 10 grams are enough to see the world from a different angle and to gain enlightenment. Even on a mild trip colors are more vivid and sounds more vibrant.

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Growing your own magic truffles is a walk of pie and quickly done with these grow-kits. There is really not much you have to do before you can harvest the magic nodules. Remove the lid (it also functions as a strainer) from the shaker and leave it open for 3 days. 3 days later take some or all the content out of the shaker and into the lid. Hold the lid with the content under running cool water and rinse all the substrate off until only the Magic Truffles remain - to facilitate the process it is a good idea to shake the strainer a little bit. The freshly harvested Magic Truffles have a shelf life of up to 15 days when stored in a dark and cool place - the best place is in your refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C.

As the name already suggests, the Psilocybe Fantasia truffles are "food for fantasy" and are known for their strong influence on the view and for inducing weird or even bizarre thoughts and gained insights or conclusions. For most users 5 grams are a sufficient dose to perceive the world with slightly altered senses - colors are more vivid, sounds more vibrant and you feel somehow different from normal, but not an extend that you'd hallucinate. If you have never tried magic truffles before, you are well advised to take only 5 grams for your first experience to test their impact on you.

We highly recommend ingesting these magic comrades on an empty stomach - this ensures for a very strong experience and lowers the odds to encounter nausea (and puking), which can occur in the early stage of the trip. The first effects can be felt after 15-45 minutes - you will possibly feel cold waves rushing through the body, shivers and the urge to yawn - don't fret, this is normal. At a small dose of 3-5 grams you will already get the feeling, that reality has changed a bit, but usually you won't hallucinate at such a low dose - but there may be exceptions! If you have a seriously low tolerance you might have a slightly modified sight, so, to stay on the safe side, you are better off not consuming more than 5 grams for your first experience. A dosage of 10 grams is only recommended for more advanced users and at 15 grams you'll experience a completely new world - this is the level die-hard psychonauts really enjoy. The train of thought has changed and the tiniest detail of something one sees suddenly become extremely interesting and sets off even more strange thoughts leading to weird conclusions. The trip will last anything between 6-8 hours, depending on various factors.

Total harvest is 8 portions.

Magic truffles are not suited for individuals below the age of 18. Magic truffles are not a party drug - don't consume magic truffles when you are on medication or in combination with alcohol or other drugs. Refrain from ingesting them if you are suffering from depression or other pre-existing mental disorders - even bad mood can ruin the otherwise enlightening experience. Do not consume magic truffles if you are breast-feeding or pregnant. Don't operate machinery or participate in road traffic for at least 8 hours after consumption.



    By on 18/Jun/2014 :

    Title : Good
    Comment : I got them in the buy one - get two free deal and this way they were a good deal. For the regular price i think they are a bit too expensive as i got 60g out of it and for a similar price, you could get them already packed. The trip was nice with subtile visuals and zamnesia was awesome.

    By on 13/Jun/2014 :

    Title : pas mal ces truffes mais juste une remarque
    Comment : super effets super culture mais sur 30 kit acheté, seulement 22 étaient vraiment saint avec de la matière blanche. les 8 autres étaient contaminés avec de la matière brune claire. ET MÊME CI LE KIT EST ENCORE CULTIVABLE DANS CES CONDITION, le rendement du kit contaminé est moindre! environ 35 a 40 grammes au lieux des 70 a 80 grammes annoncé par le vendeur!

    By on 04/Jun/2014 :

    Title : Bonne affaire / good deal
    Comment : Pas mal du tout ce petit kit! Laissé 1 jour dans le noir et 2 a l'air libre de ma chambre et jai récolté 50 grammes. Je les ais laissé sécher un peu, et la texture n'était pas du tout désagréable en bouche! Le trip était assez progressif, vous pouvez prendre une dose plus conséquente pour une montée plus puissante. A recommander aux débutants qui cherchent une bonne expérience ! This growkit actually is a good deal. I harvested about 50 grams but it was my first try, I plan to harvest more next time. The fresh truffles were pretty pleasant to eat, and the trip was really progressive, going stage by stage. I ate a stronger dose of it and then I really had a powerful trip with great chill vibes. Id recommend it to beginners looking for a pleasant experience.

    By on 24/Feb/2014 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Trüffel nach 3 Tagen fertig, ertrag ausreichend hoch und ne Wirkung die auch für einsteiger 1A ist .... PERFEKT :P

    By on 28/Jan/2014 :

    Title : Super rentable
    Comment : Ce kit permet d'avoir vraiment 8 parts de truffes, pour une soirée entrez amis tout le monde et dans un long trip Enorme =)

    By on 28/Jan/2014 :

    Title : Hallucinant!
    Comment : Ouvrir, oublier 3 jours dans le noir et récolter, facile et rapide! Sur le 2eme kit, j'ai récolté 71 grammes, ce qui fait quand même une sacré dose. Les truffes sont plus faciles à manger que les champignons. Ce que j'ai trouvé de mieux, parce que le goût amer est quand même pas super agréable, c'est de faire chauffer un fond de soupe de légumes et de mixer ensuite les truffes avec. On a que le goût de la soupe, et pas de nausées! Les fantasia sont super visuels, des espèces de vagues philosophiques accompagnées drôles d'impressions. L'effet n'est pas tout à fait similaire aux champignons, même si ça se rapproche... Le truc un peu ennuyeux, c'est que ça ne se conserve que 15 jours au frigo, il faut bien les sécher pour pas qu'elles moisissent, et il n'y a pas trop d'infos pour la conservation en général. Donc je tâtonne encore un peu. En tout cas, entre les truffes mexicaines, les pajaritos et les fantasia, j'ai de loin préféré les fantasia!

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