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Magic Truffles Grow Kit 'Atlantis'

Magic Truffles Grow Kit 'Atlantis'

The Psilocybe Atlantis was first found in Fulton County, in Georgia, USA. It is a very potent relative of the Psilocybe Mexicana. With this grow-kit it is easy as pie to grow your own magic truffles and very quickly done. Effortless and without any special knowledge. Magic truffles are not a party drug! Do not ingest more than 5 grams if psychedelics are new to you.

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Growing your own magic truffles is dead easy and quickly done and does not require much efforts from you. Simply remove the lid from the shaker and let it sit open for 3 days. After 3 days move the content (or parts of it) into the lid (this actually a strainer) of the shaker. Hold the strainer with the content under the faucet and rinse with cold water until only the Magic Truffles are left - shaking the lid a little bit is a good idea. The harvested Magic Truffles have a shelf life of up to 15 days when stored in a cool and dark place - place the in your refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C.

The Psilocybe Atlantis was first found in Fulton County, Georgia (US) and is a very strong relative of the Psilocybe Mexicana. If you are new to these magic ambassadors, start with a low dosage to test their effects on your brain. Most people consume magic truffles by chewing and swallowing them, but you can also make them into a tea or concoction if you prefer. The taste of these nodules is slightly sour and nutty. The effects will come on after about 15-40 minutes and last for up to 6 hours - depending on your tolerance, physical precondition and other factors.

We recommend consuming the magic truffles on an empty stomach - doing so ensures for a very intense experience and lowers the likelihood of nausea (and vomiting), which can occur in the onset phase. At a small dose of only 3-5 grams you will already feel that reality has slightly changed, but normally you won't hallucinate at such a low dose - normally! If you have a very low tolerance you might encounter slightly adulterated sight, so do not consume more than 5 grams for your first experience. A dosage of 10 grams is recommended for advanced users and 15 grams for die-hard psychonauts and those who are prepared to face a totally unleashed and adulterated view of the world. Depending on a wide range of circumstances and your mood before ingesting magic mushrooms, you will feel somehow energized, driven and pushed and a boost of your thinking capabilities. Hallucinations, enlightenments in various ways and philosophic outpourings can be encountered at higher doses. While the effects approach, you might feel strange, chilly waves rushing though the body and the urge to yawn - don't be afraid, this is absolutely normal and only heralds the trip.

Total harvest is 8 portions.

Magic truffles are not a party drug - don't use them if you are suffering from depression or other pre-existing mental disorders. Do not consume magic truffles in combination with alcohol, other drugs or when you are on medication. For obvious reasons you should refrain from consumption if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Don't participate in road traffic or operate machinery for at least 8 hours after consumption. Magic truffles are not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.




    By R. R. on 03/Feb/2015 :

    Title : Does the job
    Comment : Excellent service from Zamnesia as always arrived in 3 days no hassle whatsoever which is impressive considering im in the UK and the postal service here is not as good as it could be. Product wise I was surprised I managed to harvest a reasonable amount considering the current weather here at the moment. Made a nice tea from a low dosage and drifted off nicely to a jungle island with a volcano chanting a beautiful melody in the distance. Significant afterglow with a sense of wellbeing and a dreamy euphoria permeating throughout the whole day. Personally I'd stick to buying their fresh truffles as you're not always guaranteed to get a substantial amount from these grow kits. Once again, thankyou Zamnesia. Stay trippy.

    By M. P. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By A. U. on 03/Feb/2015 :

    Title : A U
    Comment : didint like my self i get only 25g for that pagets i take all most 7g and it was small worrkking

    By S. H. on 03/Feb/2015 :

    Title : 45gramm ernte
    Comment : Nach 3 tagen knapp 45g ernte die gut geballert haben :D was will man mehr ?

    By T. B. on 05/Jan/2015 :

    Title : Parfait
    Comment : Même si la conservation des truffes est un peu plus problématique que celle des champignons, ce growkit est vraiment génial. Entre 45 et 60g de truffes fraîches !

    By D. Z. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By M. F. on 04/Sep/2014 :

    Title : 60g
    Comment : very very nice :D enjoy them every time

    By C. R. on 04/Sep/2014 :

    Title : Lieferung_Kultivierung_Ernte_Trocknung
    Comment : Mehrzeiliger Beitrag mit Kernpunkt "Trocknung": Lieferung erfolgte innerhalb dreier Tage, daher mal ein großes Plus! Hab dann unmittelbar nach Erhalt begonnen und wie verlangt drei Tage rumstehen lassen. Ergebnis: Ein üppiger Riesentrüffel, 5 Mittelgroße und der Rest war eher klein bis winzig Da ich keine Waage besitze kann ich leider keine Menge angeben. (Ich weiß, gerade dies wäre von Nutzen gewesen, sorry) Zum Trocknen: Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, sie zu trocknen, da ich letzten Endes doch nicht vorhatte, diese direkt nach der Ernte zu verspeisen. Das Thema "Trüffel trocknen oder nicht" ist ja heiß umstritten im Netz! Getrocknet wurde übrigens auf kontinuierlich gewechselter Küchenrolle. Ergebnis: Nach einer Woche waren sie DEM ANSCHEIN NACH trocken und von der Konsistenz her steinhart. PS: Ich hab sie vor dem Trocknen halbiert Kontra: Ich kann nicht sagen ob es mein Fehler war, sie nach dem Trocknen in einer kleinen Clickbox zu verstauen, denn leider schimmelten sie mir nach ca. 6 Tagen Aufbewahrung leicht an. Womöglich waren sie noch restfeucht oder ich hätte sie viel früher schon Verspeisen sollen. Wie gesagt, das Trocknen an sich hat gut funktioniert, jedoch sollte man meiner Meinung nach keine 2 Wochen warten oder sie optional im frischen Zustand verspeisen. Viele Grüße Christian

    By S. R. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By R. Z. on 25/Jun/2014 :

    Title : good!
    Comment : Very nice! I like this stuff!!! I LOVE YOU ZAMNESIA!!

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From Clément | 2014-07-08 15:07:00

Comment conseillez vous de faire sécher les truffes ? Sur du papier à l'abri de la lumière ?


You can consume the truffles from your kit either fresh or you can dry them to store them for longer. To dry the truffles you need to find a dry place and lay them out on kitchen towels or newspaper and make sure they're not touching each other. Depending on the surroundings, drying may take anywhere from between 3 to 7 days. Make sure to change the kitchen towels every other day. The best way to store dried truffles is in an airtight container in the dark. Dried Magic Truffles have 50%-70% less weight, so therefore the dosage should be halved.

From Lawrence | 2014-05-24 16:23:39

How long can the unopened kits be kept?


Mushrooms and Truffles are very robust creatures, but we highly recommend to start the growing process instantly after receiving your kit. If you need to store a kit, you can put it in the refrigerator - at 3-5°C the box will be preserved for a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks. Important: store the box in an air sealed plastic bag to prevent contamination.

From sofia golberg | 2014-04-03 10:05:35

How many grams do you get from one grow kit ?


On average and in ideal circumstances, these kits yield 60 to 80 grams.

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