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Tartufi Magici Pandora

Tartufi Magici Pandora

La psilocybe Pandora è al 3° posto nella classifica delle specie più potenti: solo l'Hollandia e l'Utopia sono più forti. 7,5gr di tartufi magici psichedelici sono sufficienti per farsi un'idea di "un certo tipo di realtà alternativa", costellata di pensieri strani e sensi affinati. Pensieri filosofici, creatività e socialità si uniranno ad una calda euforia. Potenza: 4.5 su 5.

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 4.5/5 (156)

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Tartufi Magici Pandora: Sei abbastanza psiconauta per aprire il vaso di Pandora?


La psilocybe Pandora è una delle varietà di tartufo magico più potente e provoca pesanti allucinazioni, se si ha il coraggio di scoperchiare il vaso di Pandora. Dosi leggere vi faranno divertire ad osservare nuovi segnali dei vostri sensi e dei vostri nervi, mai scoperti prima, mentre un alto dosaggio può portare a pensieri profondi o strani e ad una percezione distorta del vostro ambiente circostante. Se siete in buona compagnia e in una situazione familiare potrete sentirvi a vostro agio, mentre angoli sconosciuti della vostra mente si apriranno e raggiungerete nuove vette di saggezza. Gli effetti variano enormemente da persona a persona e nessun viaggio è uguale ad un altro: ogni esperienza è assolutamente unica ed irripetibile. Tutto dipende, in larga misura, dal vostro stato mentale ma, se sarete davvero pronti ad aprire il vaso di Pandora, potrete scoprire una meravigliosa, nuova realtà.


La psilocybe Pandora è tra le specie di tartufi magici più potenti. Questi noduli radicali sono di livello 4.5 su una scala da 1 a 5 e devono essere trattati con rispetto. 7,5 grammi di psilocybe Pandora sono sufficienti per un viaggio leggero e sono adatti ad una prima esperienza con i tartufi magici. 10 grammi sono una dose per psiconauti piuttosto esperti mentre un'intera confezione da 15 grammi rappresenta una profonda esplorazione nella vostra mente ed è assolutamente riservata ai consumatori più esperti. I tartufi magici possono essere mangiati (masticati bene per agevolarne una digestione veloce e limitare la nausea) o bevuti, ad esempio, con il the o lasciati in infusione in acqua calda (non in ebollizione!) per una ventina di minuti.


I tartufi magici sono un allucinogeno potente e non vanno consumati in combinazione con alcolici, antidepressivi o altri farmaci pesanti. Non guidare mai dopo aver assunto i tartufi magici e non usare assolutamente se avete meno di 18 anni. Incominciate sempre con una piccola dose, per testare l'effetto della psilocibina sul vostro metabolismo e sulla vostra mente. Assolutamente vietato alle donne incinta!

*Conservare in frigorifero per un periodo massimo di due mesi. Una volta aperta la confezione, consumare entro un paio di giorni.

*Questi tartufi verranno spediti senza la confezione originale salvo specifica richiesta.


    Da il 08/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : Wonderful
    Commento : It arrived in two weeks to Spain. 18.66g!! First I took 3.17g, after an hour, seeing the effects were low I took about 2-3 grams more. An hour later I still wanted to be higher, so I ate all the baggie XD. (While waiting the shrooms to hit I oraly took 55mg of MDMA and smoked 1.5g of weed) After an hour...I travelled through the first 7-13 dimensions, that I clasiffied with some details and drawings(Really cool ones). I also talked with the guardians of each dimension. If you have curiosity about my travel feel free to contact me by email: [email protected] . Overall, focusing on the product; one of the best drug related purchase I've done in my life. May come back fot more some of these days ;) P.D: In addition, it came with a 5 euro discount on royalqueenseeds, with free Europe shipping. What else can I ask for? Thank you Zamnesia for being that cool :)

    Da il 08/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : Very good!
    Commento : Very nice trip with lots of laugh. Recomended

    Da :

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    Da il 12/Lug/2017 :

    Titolo : A Mixed Bag
    Commento : Bought these twice, first time took half and had a fun time talking with the aliens on my tv screen. It was nice. Second lot i bought took the whole lot and diddly S*!T happened found myself aggravated by the fact they did nothing and then spent the night looking for somewhere to buy alcohol to calm me down only to find that apparently bar's/clubs have a monopoly on selling booze at night i would have to travel about 3 miles to get anything cheap after already wasting 20 quid on these. Didn't bother, lay down on a bench and soberly contemplated the feeling of anger some guy comes and hovers next to me, i felt uncomfortable and left. Would recommend them based off the first time and what the second could have been but prepare for disappointment.

    Da il 10/Lug/2017 :

    Titolo : Great service and works as advertised.
    Commento : Me and my girl friend took "Magic Truffles Pandora" and "MAGIC TRUFFLES VALHALLA" between us we took 7.5 grams of each kind ( total 15 grams each ). zamnesia service was great, they reach Poland within 3 days when it is stated on website to take 4-6 days fantastic timming arriving on friday. The product works perfectly I found it more profound then LSD with having a more therapeutic effect. I had quite strong visual however my girl friend did not other then pronouced colors however this all felt as a side effect to the therapeutic after effect not a recreational substance rather a powerful anti-depressant with some intresting side effects. Please be aware of nausea and vomiting this can be a bit unpleasant.

    Da il 07/Lug/2017 :

    Titolo : ervaring
    Commento : Top product, tevreden klant, houden zo en bedankt voor deze wel heel unieke en speciale ervaring rijker. Een aanrader voor iedereen, je moet het zeker beleven in jou leven, nogmaals thanks super voor mij zelf 10 op 10

    Da il 03/Lug/2017 :

    Titolo : Excellent
    Commento : Reintroducing myself gradually to the world of psychadelics after a 30 year absence. These Pandora are very good: I notice that one or two reviewers are drying these truffles before consumption. This might be worth trying. I ate the Pandora straight down. Zamnesia seems always to err on the side of generosity with their measures. There were more than 15g in the pack, maybe 18g or 19g. Anyhow, the trip was fantastic but not as intense as I'd previously had with a milder strain using the lemon tek. Never mind: this is all interesting experience and even a milder trip is superb. My plan is to dry the next set of truffles and then fine grind them with some lemon juice. I think this may be the best way of consuming. The taste of truffles is not great and it can be a little off-putting to have the residual flavour when tripping because it can be hyper-intense. Powdered dry shrooms in lemon juice is likely to be much less of as issue than chewing on these fresh, substantial truffles. All the best to Zamnesia. Again, a top experience from the company.

    Da il 10/Lug/2017 :

    Titolo : Great trip
    Commento : Half a bag with a friend, cool dose to start with. Really cool trip with a nice sense of wonder. Started inside the house to assess the effects, watching some psychedelic videos with mild euphoria. Then went outside, it was the best moment for me. It was raining a little, really cool atmosphere. Everything looked better, I had the impression that it was another world, rediscovering what was around us. Compared with the Atlantis, we were more chatty with the Pandora ones, it seems more social (with your trip mates at least, not sure if it would be cool to be in a party with many people in another state of mind for exemple), as the Atlantis ones were more introspective. Also, we felt that the time passed quicker, but it was just a feeling. Great trip, can't wait to experiment new varieties and higher doses, thank you Zamnesia !

    Da il 24/Mag/2017 :

    Titolo : Sympas
    Commento : Bon effet corporel et trip assez intense.

    Da il 25/Apr/2017 :

    Titolo : Bang
    Commento : I have had experience with truffles beforehand but these ones seemed to possess a kick over an extra kick; great product and shall highly recommend.

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