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Tartufi Magici Tampanensis

Tartufi Magici Tampanensis

La psilocybe Tampanensis è perfetta per psiconauti esperti. Questa varietà è stata scoperta per la prima volta nella Tampa, in Florida, nel 1977, ed è anche conosciuta come "Pietra Filosofale". Ha un punteggio di 3.5, sulla nostra scala da 1 a 5: una media potenza per allucinazioni forti, pensieri creativi e sensazioni di essere un tutt'uno con la natura e con i propri compagni psiconauti.

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Tartufi Magici Tampanensis: Assolutamente perfetti per psiconauti esperti


La psylocibe Tampanensis è paragonabile alla psilocybe Mokum, ma le allucinazioni sono molto più intense. Tutti i vostri sensi saranno affinati e (è un dato di fatto) avvertirete e percepirete l'intero mondo intorno a voi differente. Caldi brividi (talvolta onde di energia, a seconda del dosaggio) attraverseranno il vostro corpo e vi sentirete euforici. Questi tartufi magici sono soprannominati "Pietra Filosofale" per una buona ragione: non solo vi renderanno capaci di pensare in maniera molto creativa, ma in questo potrete trovare anche una sorta di illuminazione (spirituale). Ad alto dosaggio ci si potrà sentire completamente in grado di comprendere appieno come funziona l'intero universo!


La psilocybe Tampanensis è una delle varietà di tartufi magici più potente: noi la classifichiamo con un punteggio di 3.5 su una scala da 1 a 5. Soli 7,5 grammi sono sufficienti per vivere una prima esperienza in una realtà leggermente distorta. Con una dose di 10 grammi possiamo parlare di un viaggio mediamente forte, mentre un dosaggio completo di 15 grammi è un propellente sufficiente per spedire il vostro spirito in orbite sconosciute (raccomandato solo per psiconauti esperti). Per la maggior parte delle persone, il miglior modo per assumere i tartufi magici è, semplicemente, masticarli bene e inghiottirli. Altri (che non gradiscono il sapore aspro, leggermente al gusto di nocciola) preferiscono mettere in infusione i loro tartufi magici, aggiungendoli ad acqua calda o the. L'importante è non portare l'acqua ad ebollizione per non perdere le sostanze presenti nei tartufi.


Ognuno reagisce in maniera differente agli effetti della psilocibina: è sempre bene cominciare con una piccola dose ed aumentarla gradualmente, fino a trovare il vostro dosaggio perfetto. I tartufi magici non sono assolutamente adatti a persone di età inferiore ai 18 anni e sono categoricamente vietati alle donne incinta. Non assumete tartufi magici se siete mentalmente instabili, di cattivo umore o depressi. Non consumate mai i tartufi in combinazione ad alcolici, antidepressivi o altre sostanze stupefacenti, siano esse prescritte o illegali.

*Conservare in frigorifero per un periodo massimo di due mesi. Una volta aperta la confezione, consumare entro un paio di giorni.

*I tartufi MushMagic non verranno spediti nella loro confezione originale salvo specifica richiesta.


    Da il 13/Sett/2017 :

    Titolo : First try - emotional trip XD
    Commento : These have been my first magic truffles. As a first timer I decided on taking about 5gr. I took them with no food on my stomach, they tasted kinda horrid XD have to look for ways of ingesting them without having to chew and feel every flavour. At first they made me kinda gag but managed to keep them inside. They took well over 2h to start taking effect. My trip was a very emotional/philosophical trip, I wouldn't say the best as I spent crying and thinking out loud for a couple of hours, but meaningful. They have changed some things of how I think - over time, I took them at the beginning of July and we are now mid September - they made me realize many things and retrospect quite a lot. Overall I liked them, but don't wanna repeat this kind in a while.

    Da il 01/Sett/2017 :

    Titolo : Great support service!
    Commento : I took one full bag of 15 g, two friends took 7.5g each and another friend took 7.5 g and then the other 7.5 after two hours, but he felt nothing. It was the first time of my other two friends taking truffles and I would say they had a great time. For me, I expected a stronger trip, there were almost no visuals and no distorsions of reality, but inside I felt really relaxed. It wasn't bad, but I expected I would go crazy taking the whole 15 g. My first time with truffles I took 7.5 g of Atlantis and I tripped much more, maybe because those were lot stronger or it may really depend from trip to trip IDK Truffles I would rate them 3/5 and for strength 2.5/5. Customer service 6/5, great support, they will help you with everything!

    Da il 31/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : njam njam :)
    Commento : Heerlijk truffelsoortje niet te sterk en ook zeker niet te mild! Had ze genomen op een warme zomerdag in de hangmat samen met een ballonnetje .Wat een prachtige dag was dit! Bedankt voor deze ervaring zamnesia!

    Da il 08/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : Not the strongest but not bad either
    Commento : I got the feeling that the 3.5 strength rating is a little bit too high, led me to expect a little bit more. I've had much stronger and deeper experiences with a half dose of mexicana before which are rated here as a 2.5. Maybe that's just me though. Fairly interesting trip, took about an hour to kick in, quite creative and in the late stages very thoughtful but not much in the way of visuals or really losing yourself in it, the high point of the trip didn't last that long either. Not at all a bad experience but left me wanting a bit more, would definitely recommend for beginners.

    Da il 08/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : They take a long time to arrive
    Commento : These magic truffles are fine, but should make it clear that the environment is much more important than the mood, because you can see negative things even if you feel good. And they could also make a scale of reality, as these truffles keep you on the ground, but with more power can be an incredible journey and a great scare for the novice. Finally I consider that the effect of this magic is very interesting.

    Da il 12/Lug/2017 :

    Titolo : Tampanensis
    Commento : Everybody's journey on these will be different. Mine? i'm a bedroom tripper. Full bag. They took well over an hour to kick in. Was flat on my back in a dark room with music through headphones. Limbs went heavy. The music got deeper. Started feeling every drum beat, every noise. At the peak, I got that glow of magic, dreamy contentment. So many ideas, so many big thoughts. I was conscious through the whole thing. On stronger truffles, one gets swept off to a deeper galaxy. Out of control in a rainbow of beauty. These, the visuals were not so strong. These are fine for a mellow sunday afternoon inner peace journey, they will get you there, but the colours won't be as bright. But that's ok.

    Da il 03/Lug/2017 :

    Titolo : wow
    Commento : so interesting trip :)

    Da il 15/Giu/2017 :

    Titolo : Trippping major ballsack
    Commento : I read the reviews and i started to regret buying them because of the negative responses. I read a lot of comments about them being quite weak and not having many visuals. So, i took the full 15g straight after coming home from the gym. I didnt feel anything for about 45 minutes, but at the 45 minute mark i started to see swirls on the tips of my fingers and i knew i was in for a good trip. They hit me like a train and i lay in bed with headphones on and a peaceful soundtrack to the trip. I have never experienced truffles as strong as them before so it was all new to me. I saw galaxies spiral in front of my face then disappear and a single carbon atom floating in front of me (all this happened with my eyes closed). I experienced other beautiful visuals but typing wont do it justice. I would definately recommend them. The visual trip lasted about 4 hours and wore off completely at about 6 hours.

    Da il 09/Giu/2017 :

    Titolo : Great but...
    Commento : hello. i split a bag of tampanensis with a friend a few weeks back and unfortunately, nothing happened :/ they'd only arrived a week earlier and were still fresh, had the same taste, no issues with the bag etc. so it was a bit unexpected. left me feeling slightly disappointed as i've already had the tamp 5 or 6 times before- in whole and half doses- and all experiences up until this point have been great. this was my friend's first time (or rather, it wasn't!) so she was a bit confused about what she was meant to be feeling, especially after hearing all my good reviews over the past couple of years! i guess it wasn't meant to be- and it was a lovely day anyway :) i've seen similar reviews for the tamp and other varieties posted here so i can only conclude that occasionally a 'weak' batch slips through the net? i don't know if zamnesia are willing to offer a freebie replacement....? it's worth noting that out of the 30 or so trips i've already had courtesy of zamnesia, this is the only time i've experienced 'nothing' so i haven't lost any trust in the seller and i'm pretty sure i'll order the tamp again at some point in the future. ps the good news is i had also ordered some valhalla's - did them a week later and they were wonderful and lived up to reviews! much love x

    Da il 31/Mag/2017 :

    Titolo : première expérience légère
    Commento : J'ai pris une boite entière à faire revenir dans l'eau chaude pour en faire un thé, ma première expérience était avec une boite entière d'atlantis maché mais le trip était très/trop fort. je me suis dis que j'allais recommencer avec une truffe plus légère, avec un peu de miel le gout n'était vraiment pas mauvais. j'ai divisé le thé en deux pour moi et ma copine , soit l'equivalent de 7,5 par personne. peut etre que j'ai laissé l'eau trop forte, mais la montée fut très douce, on n'a pas eut d'effets visuels, mais une sensation de bien être de communication intéressante. on va réessayer avec une boite à macher par personne la prochaine fois.

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