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Tartufi Magici Mokum

Tartufi Magici Mokum

La psilocybe Mokum provoca un viaggio creativo, filosofico e sociale, simile agli effetti che innesca la psilocybe Tampanensis, ma più forte. Gli abitanti del posto spesso lo chiamano Amsterdam Mokum, dato che è una specialità di Amsterdam, ormai battezzato Mokum. La psilocibina dei tartufi Mokum ha una potenza media. È classificato con un 3.5 su una scala da 1 a 5.

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Tartufi Magici Mokum: Una specialità locale di Amsterdam


La psilocybe Mokum farà lavorare il tuo cervello al 200% ed oltre. Questi tartufi magici provocano un viaggio altamente filosofico, creativo e sociale. Gli effetti sono comparabili alla psilocybe Fantasia, ma leggermente più forti. A seconda della dose, è possibile passare da allucinazioni leggere a decisamente più potenti, ma l'aspetto principale del viaggio è sicuramente "pensare fuori dagli schemi" e la voglia incontrollabile di comunicare con i tuoi compagni psiconauti.


La psilocybe Mokum è una delle varietà più potenti di tartufo magico, raggiungendo un valore di 3.5 su 5, sulla nostra scala di potenza. Solamente 7,5 grammi sono sufficienti per distorcere la realtà; 10 grammi provocano un viaggio medio-forte e 15 grammi ti faranno salutare con un bacio la realtà che conosci e ti daranno il benvenuto nella nuova visione del mondo. Il modo più facile per assumere i tartufi magici è semplicemente masticarli, sminuzzandoli bene, per poi ingerirli (ciò aiuta l'organismo ad assorbire le sostanze attive più velocemente e previene l'occasionale sensazione di nausea). Un altro metodo è un decotto o the. Aggiungere la dose di tartufi magici in acqua calda o direttamente in un the e lasciare riposare per 20 minuti prima di bere l'infusione. NON usare acqua bollente, servirebbe solo a degradare le sostanze psicoattive dei tartufi.


Per ovvie ragioni, non si deve mai guidare sotto l'effetto dei tartufi magici. Inoltre non assumere i tartufi magici durante la gravidanza, in stati depressivi, di cattivo umore o confusionali; neppure se si stanno assumendo droghe (prescritte) o se mentalmente instabili. I tartufi magici non sono adatti ai giovani ed ai minori di 18 anni d'età. Iniziare sempre con piccole dosi per verificare come il vostro organisimo e cervello reagiscono alla psilocibina.

*Conservare in frigorifero per un periodo massimo di due mesi. Una volta aperta la confezione, consumare entro un paio di giorni.

*Questi tartufi verranno spediti senza la confezione originale salvo specifica richiesta.


    Da S. J. il 05/Dic/2016 :

    Titolo : Amazing experience
    Commento : Bought from UK received within a few days, this product is the real deal just make sure you don't message the courier thinking its customer service or to be extra safe have it delivered to your local post office and collect it rather than delivered to your door, I hear your door is fine but better safe than sorry I say.. Others would disagree though, if your going to buy any for a heavy trip I say do not settle for less than the strongest because you can achieve your desired effects with much less, you will have to either store them correctly if you plan on preserving them or drying them out but it's better to have the stronger kind available to avoid you having to continuously buy more as if these went through a random customs check you will get a letter or visit by police with a warning but it's not impossible to be more be careful it's not virtually risk free, mokum was pretty mild, walls moving occasionally but extreme creativity I think it would have been a lot better with weed because being used to weed and hallucinating I didn't feel a high or buzz per se more just inebriated the buzz was all it was missing best u roll before taking though and television kind of bored me or made me emotionally attached to some things I think it was a lot better when I went out to my balcony but that's not a recommendation when your body Gravity has changed I felt there was no chance of anything happening and my railings are pretty high so best just going somewhere quiet with a friend or 2 and watching nature it's much more enjoyable without electronic devices or bright lights, mokum was good but I bet utopia will be better

    Da J. L. il 05/Dic/2016 :

    Titolo : Genial
    Commento : Envío rápido y discreto, instrucciones bastante completas y excelentes efectos de felicidad y relajación. Muy recomendables, voy a seguir probando otras. La única pega es que el sabor al comerlas no me gustó, pero no es inconveniente.

    Da A. D. il 23/Nov/2016 :

    Titolo : by Alex
    Commento : this one was insanely sharp vivid and colourful i was tryign to play playstation but it was too overwhelming i almost fainted and spewed. so if i ever do take this one again it will be sealing my eyes to do it or away out in the wildreness. unlike pandora this is colours and trails decent product.

    Da A. D. il 03/Nov/2016 :

    Titolo : Serious self growth trip
    Commento : I used 15g hollandia and 15g mokum. (Experienced with meditation, I could handle the dose). It lasted 4.30 hour. Exctemly deep self conversation, i get in touch with my monkey self, my ultra male self, my "evil" parts. I felt deep gratitude for the ability to eat, to sleep, to feel love. Extremly helpful catlust for self growth. You can have insights that stay with you long after the trip

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    Da J. Y. il 30/Ago/2016 :

    Titolo : If the outdoors is your game, trust Mokum -_-
    Commento : I took a trip to the mountains in summer headed for the highest places I knew from snowboarding there in the winter. This was my first time taking shrooms, by myself in the mountains :) Yeah the Mokum is really good, a little bit less sour then the other truffles I ordered. Mokum tastes like nuts a bit, kinda like nuts that are not yet ripe, but still soft and good to eat. I took half a portion of Mokum truffles right after eating half of the Mexicana truffles (7.5gr) each. On the other hand for all the trippers/psychonauts out there, lots of senses heightened, especially sight and hearing is on point. Word of advice for people wanting to do what I did, unless your a mountain man like me don't do it, otherwise sit in a nice park or in a place you know has more greenery, trees and less people to get in your way, you'll have fun. Keep an eye on your watch every now and then, if things get a little too loopy at least you'll know what time it is and how much time has passed since you ate the shrooms if you want to eat mokum indoors.

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    Da P. O. il 30/Mag/2016 :

    Titolo : Good for laughs
    Commento : Split 15g with a friend, couldn't stop laughing, very euphoric. It's a little bit bitter when swallowing, make sure you swallow a small quantity at a time

    Da P. J. il 20/Apr/2016 :

    Titolo : Very philosophical trip
    Commento : I hadn't partaken in any psilocybes for some time so decided to split 15 grams with a less experienced friend (if i'm honest, only expecting a very mild trip.) However, within a short while of consuming my half all thoughts of me being the "sober sitter" vanished. We spent the majority of the trip sitting on a bench at the top of a local hill, staring out across the city as it warped and contorted, fascinated by the site of planes bound for the local airport smashing into the civilisation below and talking deeply about the nature of being and the implicate order of the universe. Overall, i was hugely impressed by this product and i am looking forward to taking a full 15 grams when my next order arrives.

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