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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Il classico seme "psichedelico naturale", usato in antiche pratiche sciamaniche e anche dai moderni psiconauti, segnalato per avere effetti simili all'LSD, ma meno intensi e con meno effetti visivi. L'interesse moderno per l'HBW è stato stimolato da un libro del 1972, che afferma che gli hawaiani utilizzano i suoi semi per avere un'esperienza psichedelica a buon mercato.

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L'Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) è un rampicante perenne, con grandi foglie a forma di cuore e fiori bianchi a forma di tromba. Originariamente nativo dell'India, ora cresce in tutto il mondo, comprese le Hawaii. I suoi grandi semi pelosi crescono all'interno di baccelli e contengono lo psichedelico LSA.

Il viaggio dura 6-8 ore, lasciandovi una sensazione di tranquillità che può durare altre 12 ore. Il sonno successivo è profondo e ristoratore.

Un pacchetto di Hawaiian baby woodrose contiene 10 semi.



3-4 semi da masticare a stomaco vuoto (per ridurre la nausea).


Gli ingredienti attivi di Hawaiian baby woodrose sono l'ammide dell'acido D-lisergico e i composti correlati.


Possono richiedere più tempo del previsto a fare effetto, quindi conviene prenderli un paio d'ore prima dell'ora desiderata, evitando di fare attività fisica e di guidare la macchina. I semi possono indurre il vomito. Alcuni consumatori potrebbero sperimentare dei postumi, caratterizzati da annebbiamento della vista, vertigini, e inerzia fisica.

Non superare le dosi consigliate. Non possono essere usate dai minori di 18 anni o durante la gravidanza e l'allattamento. Da non utilizzare in combinazione con alcol, farmaci o altri stimolanti, o se si soffre di pressione alta, di cuore o di malattie vascolari, di problemi alla tiroide, di disturbi ai reni, al fegato o alla prostata, o di attacchi di panico. Non deve prenderli chi fa uso di inibitori MAO o di antidepressivi. Non vanno combinati con esercizi fisici intensi e bisogna smettere immediatamente di utilizzarli in caso di nervosismo, tremori, insonnia, riduzione dell'appetito o palpitazioni cardiache.

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    Da il 01/Nov/2017 :

    Titolo : Not exactly blowing you away
    Commento : I've taken 4 of the 10, and got an upset stomache, but that's part of it, and afterwards I got very sleepy, so I lay down. Lying in the dark, I did not really sleep, but wasn't really awake either, some sort of mental dream where all of a sudden things watched from another perspective looked entirely different, and while there were negative emotion connected to certain topis before and pain to even think about them, all of a sudden I could think about them clearly. That's not the LSD-Hallu-Trip I was expecting, but I wasn't really expecting anything, and it helped me a great deal. Would buy again if I hadn't have 6 left ... which will find their way into my stomache rn. Against the pain in my belly Banana Apple and Ginger helped immensly, but I only started eating after it already got a little better. I was very hungry all of a sudden. ;-)

    Da il 25/Ott/2017 :

    Titolo : mix it with Ginger
    Commento : i chew a couple of seeds with my girlfriend with empty stomach. for the nausea, use GINGER, either ginger beer or, even better, do it yourself, mince some ginger concoction, boil it 15/20mn, and drink it like a tea. it really eased my stomach and worked almosst instant, highly recommended to do this with the trip. Overall I only took 1/4 of the bag and I had a very nice smooth trip that lasted for 5hours. If I had taken more maybe I would have felt bad cos im not so experienced. Highly recommend to do the same if new to this.

    Da il 23/Ott/2017 :

    Titolo : The seeds are great teachers
    Commento : I loved it but I just took 5 in order to minimize nausea, and I still enjoyed regardless of what I had to go through, like vomiting and stomachache. It's worth a try and next time I might use extraction and consume more seeds to see if I can go beyond. All I got was a philosophical state of mind and a peace feeling, not much visuals.. but it was cool enough tho

    Da :

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    Da il 18/Sett/2017 :

    Titolo : premier essai
    Commento : Première fois que j'essaye le HBWR, j'ai pris 4 graines sur les 11, que j'ai mâchées pendant 35 minutes, puis j'ai recraché la membrane des graines, qui apparemment renforce les nausées. Il est important de bien mâcher, même si c'est dégueulasse (en même temps, c'est de l'acide donc c'est normal). Je me suis ensuite posé dans mon lit avec un casque aux oreilles, et de la musique à 528 hz, en attendant la montée. J'étais à jeûn depuis 6 heures, mais j'ai eu des crampes à l'estomac. Heureusement, je n'ai pas vomi, mais il vaut mieux prévoir quand même au cas où. Après une heure et demi, ça devient très sédatif (sûrement parce que j'étais au lit aussi), au point d'avoir une flemme monumentale d'aller faire pipi ou autre chose. C'est donc le signe qu'il faut se laisser aller, ce que j'ai fait. J'ai fermé les yeux, toujours avec la musique dans le casque, et j'ai commencé à voir plein de choses. Je dois dire que j'ai eu très peu d'effets visuels les yeux ouverts, à part des halos lumineux, comme les sabres laser dans Star Wars. Mais les yeux fermés, qu'est-ce que c'est beau ! Le trip a duré 4h30, mais le temps passe très longuement, on a l'impression d'apprendre des tas de choses en un temps éclair. J'ai donc appris beaucoup de choses de cette expérience, et j'ai réussi à vaincre une addiction. En revanche, pour ceux qui disent que ça augmente la libido, c'était plutôt l'inverse chez moi. Je trouve que ça donne une sorte d'inconfort dans le sexe, surtout au niveau du gland, donc ne vous attendez pas à des ébats amoureux avec votre partenaire, plutôt à une expérience introspective. Je conseille vivement d'avoir de la musique pendant cette expérience, sans musique c'est moins trippant. Il y a sûrement d'autres contextes où cette expérience vaut le coup, ne vous fiez donc pas uniquement à mon expérience, mais tentez la vôtre. Documentez-vous un maximum si c'est votre première fois. Au plus vous vous documentez, au plus vous passerez un bon moment. Dernière chose, je ne pense pas que ce soit une substance récréative. Si vous décidez de l'utiliser comme telle, soit, mais il s'agit plutôt d'un guide spirituel, pour avancer dans le développement du Soi. Bon(s) trip(s) à tous.

    Da il 25/Sett/2017 :

    Titolo : This is perfect drug for me.
    Commento : I took 10 seeds, this was comparable to 3 packs (45g) to most powerful magic truffels, by that i mean sensations I felt. If you dont know your limits start with much lower ammount. And if trip gets to heavy to handle, then eat something and lay down. I cosider these seeds most purest drugs i have done so far, meaning that you can get powerful trips just by meditation and those trips were very similar. Very useful for looking inside of you and gaining understanding about life.

    Da il 31/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : Very good quality.
    Commento : As always very good quality and advice on taking them. Stick to no more than 4 or 5 and on an empty stomach for the best experience.

    Da il 28/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : RESPECT!!!
    Commento : I am a very experienced tripper... did practically everything. Shrooms, Acid, Ayahuasca, DMT the whole show. For this reason I didn't follow the recommended dose of 4 seeds and ended up chewing 8 of these big boys. After 30 minutes I started to feel very sedated like after taking a natural kind of heavy tranquilizer. It felt very pleasant and dreamy with a kind of pressure in my forehead. Then came intense nausea, tried to vomit but it didn't work. So I sat on the couch and listened to a guided meditation. At the 3 hour mark it felt like a very powerful LSD trip except with a huge body load, (intense nausea, high vasoconstriction, stomach cramps and extreme thirst). At that point I was able (thanks to the guided meditation) to completely leave my body for a couple of hours during which I experienced complete ego death. Somewhat scary but at the same time there was an underlying peace and understanding that all was good. After this two hour period was over however I started hearing weird sounds from outside (it was probably just distant thunder or wind in the trees). For some reason I convinced myself that the world was about to end. The apocalypse was imminent... some kind of nuclear disaster, war or natural calamity was about to hit the earth. At that point I started to have a panic attack and found myself pacing back and forth in my apartment. The panic got worse by the minute and at a certain point I was 100% sure I was going to die because of some weird allergic reaction to the seeds. I felt an extreme thirst that no amount of water was able to quench. Then I remembered reading of someone who had died because they drank too much water during an MDMA trip and I literally thought I was having an emergency type situation. Long story short I ended up calling an ambulance and spent the night in the hospital with the doctors and nurses practically laughing at me (they knew I was just having a panic attack) a very humiliating experience to say the least. I would really suggest following the recommended dosage and having a trip sitter close by if possible. What seemed like a beautiful trip turned into a nightmare which I probably could have avoided had I taken just 4 - 5 seeds. Still I would highly recommend HBWR... especially if you are a spiritual seeker you will probably benefit a lot from this kind of trip. But do yourself a favour: be safe! Peace.

    Da :

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    Da il 08/Ago/2017 :

    Titolo : Wow
    Commento : If ot for the nausea,this would have been the best thing ever.!!!

    Non puoi lasciare una recensione perché non hai eseguito l'accesso come cliente

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Da Bastian | 2014-07-20 16:33:17

Wie lange sind diese Samen haltbar?


The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be stored at least 2 years after purchase

Da Tom | 2014-05-14 15:02:51

How much seeds are in the packet?


A pack of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contains 10 seeds.

Da Luca | 2013-08-03 11:04:15

Can i plant this seeds?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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