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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Il classico seme "psichedelico naturale", usato in antiche pratiche sciamaniche e anche dai moderni psiconauti, segnalato per avere effetti simili all'LSD, ma meno intensi e con meno effetti visivi. L'interesse moderno per l'HBW è stato stimolato da un libro del 1972, che afferma che gli hawaiani utilizzano i suoi semi per avere un'esperienza psichedelica a buon mercato.

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L'Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) è un rampicante perenne, con grandi foglie a forma di cuore e fiori bianchi a forma di tromba. Originariamente nativo dell'India, ora cresce in tutto il mondo, comprese le Hawaii. I suoi grandi semi pelosi crescono all'interno di baccelli e contengono lo psichedelico LSA.

Il viaggio dura 6-8 ore, lasciandovi una sensazione di tranquillità che può durare altre 12 ore. Il sonno successivo è profondo e ristoratore.

Un pacchetto di Hawaiian baby woodrose contiene 10 semi.



3-4 semi da masticare a stomaco vuoto (per ridurre la nausea).


Gli ingredienti attivi di Hawaiian baby woodrose sono l'ammide dell'acido D-lisergico e i composti correlati.


Possono richiedere più tempo del previsto a fare effetto, quindi conviene prenderli un paio d'ore prima dell'ora desiderata, evitando di fare attività fisica e di guidare la macchina. I semi possono indurre il vomito. Alcuni consumatori potrebbero sperimentare dei postumi, caratterizzati da annebbiamento della vista, vertigini, e inerzia fisica.

Non superare le dosi consigliate. Non possono essere usate dai minori di 18 anni o durante la gravidanza e l'allattamento. Da non utilizzare in combinazione con alcol, farmaci o altri stimolanti, o se si soffre di pressione alta, di cuore o di malattie vascolari, di problemi alla tiroide, di disturbi ai reni, al fegato o alla prostata, o di attacchi di panico. Non deve prenderli chi fa uso di inibitori MAO o di antidepressivi. Non vanno combinati con esercizi fisici intensi e bisogna smettere immediatamente di utilizzarli in caso di nervosismo, tremori, insonnia, riduzione dell'appetito o palpitazioni cardiache.

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    Da il 19/Gen/2018 :

    Titolo : Good product. Here are some important tips.
    Commento : By taking HBWR seeds you should consider: •Use the sublingual method for consumption (eliminates side effects & avoids nausea). •Before the trip, consume homemade ginger root tea and consider to eat garlic (good against nausea.) •Consumption during parties can be very unpleasant, as it can be a introspective trip. Remember it can least from 6 to 12 hours depending on the dosage. •Consider to take it on a free day with good company in a quiet & comfortable place. A first dose of 3 seeds is enough. •LSA (or some components of the seed) is/are vasoconstrictor/s. Your muscles could hurt a lot on large doses. Research for vasodilators to prevent possible health damages.

    Da il 03/Gen/2018 :

    Titolo : Nausea but nice effect
    Commento : Well I ate 2 seeds yesterday on an empty stomach, then ate something 15 min later. After like 30 min after eating the seeds I felt very nauseous. Slight effects started to kick in and my pupils were fucking big. Well I wanted the nausea to go away so I intentionally puked, which was not so nice but after the nausea was gone, the effects were so nice. I didn‘t have OEVs or something, maybe some CEVs, maybe because I just took 2 of them. But this dizzy, calm and euphoric effect was so nice. Really recommend them!! I would give them 5 stars if there wasn‘t the nausea. I hope next time it will be better.

    Da :

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    Da il 02/Gen/2018 :

    Titolo : Excellent
    Commento : Haute dose (15 graines), prise avec antiémétiques de fortune (cannelle, menthe, et pincée de muscade), légère nausée avant la montée puis EXPLOSION de lumière, discussion interne par texte halluciné avec moi-même, visions fantastiques très DMT-like, pensées et révélations etc. Trip très introspectif et plus profond qu'avec l'ipomée, un des meilleurs que j'ai eus. Les doses plus petites de 3-4 graines n'ont pas eu un impact aussi grand, juste des visuels plutôt sympas. Très bon produit, merci Zamnesia!

    Da il 29/Dic/2017 :

    Titolo : Good product
    Commento : I ate 3-4 seeds with other 2 friends of mine, after one hour i started feeling somewhat high, while one of those, who has an extremel low tolerance to drugs, was really high. A few hours passed but things did not change significantly, one of us felt nothing, one was high, I was in a state between them. Then nausea arrived and I felt the urge to puke ( i was quite stupid in doing this after the Christmas lunch, instead of on an empty stomach) but I didn't and after 15 minutes nausea decreased. Still I didn't feel like those seeds were doing much and since nausea was quite annoying I got home ( about 4 hours after I eat the seeds) and the things started. My body felt like I was drunk, I was quite unstable. I went in my bed and started browsing the phone and believe me, it was heaven. I had an incredible euphoria and for two hours I looked at my phone, probably understanding nothing, but smiling and laughing for every image I was seeing. Touching every part of my body was incredible, a really strange feeling, I couldn't stop moving. Falling asleep was a problem but I did not really wanted to. While I was in this state I also received a message of a friends who was mad at me. Normally it would have ruined my mood but It really could not take my smile away, I was just thinking "Don't worry, things will fix themselves". Following morning I had a light hangover, but nothing to worry about. Overall good experience considering the small dose I took ( I have 10 more seeds and I plan to take at least 7-8 next time) but I suggest to do that on an empty stomach, throwing up is never enjoyable. No visuals but I weren't expecting any. Good job zamnesia

    Da il 08/Dic/2017 :

    Titolo : Help to think outside of box :)
    Commento : Great for spiritual growth, (combination with weed like 3 hours after taking them) also if clean the body, but careful with them I personally would not take more then 4-5 and chew them properly before swallow, but dont break your teeth on them they are pretty hard :)

    Da :

    Il cliente ha dato un punteggio al prodotto ma non ha lasciato una recensione

    Da il 08/Dic/2017 :

    Titolo : Not great
    Commento : I know Hawaiian Baby Woodrose for some time now, used it often for therapy and got it from different sources. I have to say those seeds available here are of very low quality. They don´t have the potency I know from other suppliers, and are of low quality - broken, not cleaned properly, very often in shells. And 10 seeds in a package that could hold 50x that much. I don´t think I will buy it here again.

    Da il 08/Dic/2017 :

    Titolo : A good entry into psychedelics
    Commento : Me and some friends took 4 each, one of them already had experience w/ lsd but the rest of us tried this group of drugs for the first time (bring at least 1 tripsitter if you wanna try this). Some of my friends struggled a bit with it in the beginning but we all ended up tripping real good! This drug rewrites the rules of the universe in your own head, shit is *crazy* ~

    Da il 01/Nov/2017 :

    Titolo : Not exactly blowing you away
    Commento : I've taken 4 of the 10, and got an upset stomache, but that's part of it, and afterwards I got very sleepy, so I lay down. Lying in the dark, I did not really sleep, but wasn't really awake either, some sort of mental dream where all of a sudden things watched from another perspective looked entirely different, and while there were negative emotion connected to certain topis before and pain to even think about them, all of a sudden I could think about them clearly. That's not the LSD-Hallu-Trip I was expecting, but I wasn't really expecting anything, and it helped me a great deal. Would buy again if I hadn't have 6 left ... which will find their way into my stomache rn. Against the pain in my belly Banana Apple and Ginger helped immensly, but I only started eating after it already got a little better. I was very hungry all of a sudden. ;-)

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Da Bastian | 2014-07-20 16:33:17

Wie lange sind diese Samen haltbar?


The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be stored at least 2 years after purchase

Da Tom | 2014-05-14 15:02:51

How much seeds are in the packet?


A pack of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contains 10 seeds.

Da Luca | 2013-08-03 11:04:15

Can i plant this seeds?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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