Estratto di Salvia 20x (1 grammo)


Posto a metà strada tra le foglie secche e l’ultimo concentrato da 40x, questo estratto di Salvia 20x soffierà via tutte le ragnatele dalla vostra mente.

24,95 tasse incl.

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    Strange trip, i get sucked in or like the world squeeze together like a half open book you see trough, but it works for small times tripping when you only want to trip short time.


    Best trip ever
    Like the tittle says, it was my best trip ever, it was also my first trip under salvia, as I'm not beginner with psychedelics I though was a good call to start with x20, and man that was more than amazing! Was in my room with a good friend of mine, I did put 'To binge' of Gorillaz, hit the bong, kept the smoke then lay on my bed, right at the corner, suddenly I felt my boddy swifting away and I turned into a book, and my whole room turned into what was one of these TV shows for kids where humans are disguised as the background, like the sun, ect, and me I was the book, and I got opened, that was weird and bit scary sensation, felt like I was getting teared appart, and the furniture next to me, as they were like actors playing background, started to speak to me, saying that the performance was soon over and they'll have to close me as the story of the book I was is over. Actually I've been feel quite scary, I was feeling like it was litteraly my end, and when I finally closed myself, I came back to reality for seconds, then I felt my body sliding away again, like on a dripping hamok. SO thank you so much zamnesia, that's a rly interesting plant we have here!


    Sehr machtvolle Substanz
    Habe es erst einmal getestet, und brauche erstmal meine zeit um das geschehene zu verarbeiten. Aber definitv sein geld wert! Wichtig ist aber, dass man vorher nicht trinken sollte. Und keine Medikamente nehmen sollte. Auch wenn es nur ein glas wein ist, oder die Medikamente die man schon seit jahren täglich nimmt. Wenn man drauf verzichten kann, sollte man es tun, und so nüchtern wie möglich die Erfahrung mit Salvia machen. Ansonsten wird die Erfahrung sehr schnell negativ, was bei einer solch machtvollen Substanz sehr heftig werden kann. Und Salvia ist definitiv nicht für jedermann, man sollte sich bewusst machen dass das kein einfacher Trip ist, sondern eine wirklich starke, psychedelische Reise. Einige menschen werden dafür noch nicht bereit sein.


    Interestingly, amazing!
    Started off with Salvia at the 20x, rough ride, but very interesting, its crazy to think all of that is inside us, took a hit on a wooden pipe, hold for 20sec or so and then went on a 3 min trip that felt like hours, sometimes I would feel my body high and heavy on the comedown. If one is new to this I strongly recommend having a weed to help over any body stress that can occasionally happen.


    trop bien
    effets vraiment lourds hallucination livraison et service client parfait


    This is a very interesting psychedelic. But first, big thank you to Zamnesia for sending out another order after my other order did not arrive. This psychedelic is insane! It is quite disorientating and bizarre. It is my first time trying any psychedelic. The first hit I loaded some in a bong with a bit of weed, inhaled and held for 30 seconds and suddenly I felt as if I were drunk. I went upstairs to my brother's room and I remember it was very difficult to walk up them, I was swaying, confused and I did not know what was going on. Once I reached the top, I remember looking at the bong in my hand and I was confused to why I had it. I tried talking to my brother, saying ''what's happening'' as I did not remember what I had done. Another time I rolled a weed joint with about 0.30g of salvia, I fell asleep and had the most vivid lucid like dreams. I did this for another three nights and continued having really bizarre dreams that felt like it was reality. My 5th time, I laid on my bed and hit a bong of weed and salvia. There was music playing and suddenly it felt like I was being moved up and down from the melody of the music that was playing, it was as if I was the instrument being played. Then, I felt like I was on a wheel being turned. I'm still on my bed but it did not feel like I was laying down, it felt like I was being moved around. I think I remember my room shifting into a supermarket and I was a product being scanned. I think that was a fear trigger because I have social anxiety and tend to avoid being in supermarkets for too long. It wasn't scary or anything like that, it was just very bizarre. I bought 1 gram of this 20x salvia extract & have probably got about half a gram left. You do not need a lot of this stuff to feel the effects, literally, only a pinch is needed. I've never had breakthrough with this yet, maybe due to the low dosages but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. But I would defo try it again. I've heard smoking it wasn't the traditional way of taking it, instead, you chew the leaves. I may be back to buy some leaves to try. Thanks Zamnesia!


    Very strong!!!
    Fast shipping and discreet packing thanks zamnesia!!!


    Wundervoll und schrecklich zu gleich
    An Intensität kaum zu überbieten...Nix für schwache Nerven:-) Wenn man auf Level 5 will... und auch dort ankommt, vergisst man seine "alte" Existens... 5 bis 10 Minuten können echt lang sein... Wie gesagt..einfach nur Unglaublich


    impresionante experiencia
    Aparte de el servicio de que a sido perfecto asta en la entrega, el producto en si es de muy buena calidad, probe una dosis bastante reducida y entre en el nivel 1 riendome como un loco cuandole pegue la calada buena tube un trip mas fuerte de lo que esperaba pero no lo considere un mal viaje, en resumen si quieres una experiencia corta e intensa este es el producto ideal.


    5 stars but overall evil
    so yeah, this is my review so ill be honest. good product from zamnesia but for me personally this is an evil angry sacrament. i have only ever had bad trips on this, thought i would give salvinorin A one last chance and she punished me big time. evil evil drug that doesnt really teach a great deal like shrooms or tryptamines...i compare this to datura. crazy. in a bad way....

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Estratto di Salvia 20x (1 grammo)
Estratto di Salvia 20x (1 grammo)
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