Estratto di Salvia 10x (1 grammo)


È considerato un buon concentrato per escursionisti esperti. L’estratto 10x vi porterà ai piedi della catena montuosa, che è proprio l’effetto che provoca la Salvia.

17,95 tasse incl.

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    An experience!
    The great thing about salvia is that it wont last super long so even when you get a bad trip you know it will be over in minutes. I do stress the fact that you need to get comfortable because you get quite sensitive. Had to remove my shirt because the texture was to extreme (normal cotton). Its not like any other psychoactive substance i have used. If you want a 'fun' trip this is not the choice for you but if you want a truly new and memoriable experience this might just be for you! Last thing i want to say that it worked the first time with just 1 bowl, no need to first reduce tolerance and the power of the trip is decided by how long you keep the smoke in so you are quite flexible with determining the intensity


    2ème trip
    Produit puissant et de qualité. Je pesé les herbes, le sachet en contenait à peu près 1.12g. J'ai été très surpris pour mon 2ème trip de repartir exactement "au même endroit". Et ce même lors de prise de petite quantité. C'est assez surprenant, au début j'étais un peu déçu, mais maintenant j'ai hâte d'y retourner. La Salvia reste une plante très surprenante dont l'expérience est très "individuel", trouvez donc un gardien qui veillera sur vous (au-delà d'une certaine dose, on perd totalement conscience du décors qui nous entoure) et qui interagira au minimum avec votre trip. A savoir, l'expérience peut-être très désagréable, mais elle reste malgré très intéressante.


    Ein Kraut wie kein anderes
    Geiles Kraut :) Habs durch die Bong geraucht und versucht es möglichst lange drin zu lassen, nach 20 Sekunden setzte es bereits ein, ich habs schnell ausgeatmet und ab dann gings so richtig los^^ Es ist ein Gefühl als würde man aus der jetzigen Welt gerissen werden und würde diese als neutraler Betrachter beobachten, während sich alles dreht, verändert und und und ... Verdammt geil, aber mit Vorsicht zu genießen. Man ist definitiv nicht mehr Herr seiner Sinne, ja nicht mal mehr Herr seiner eigenen Gedanken, insofern rate ich jedem, der es das erste Mal probiert, nicht gleich mit einer hohen Dosis anzufangen :D Diejenigen, die allerdings noch Steigerungspotenzial sehen, sollten auf jeden Fall zu einem noch stärkeren Extrakt greifen :)


    50mg, 3hits, breakthrough
    I advice this to any one that want to change his or here psychological point of view about death, or if you into exploring a DMT similar situation! the trip is not comfortable but after it's gone, you really start noticing that the world around u feels more questionable


    Eines der interessantesten Kräuter weltweit!
    Hält was es verspricht! Ein Top Kraut welches dich in ferne Reisen schickt. Wer respektvoll damit umgeht, kann eine Menge Spaß damit haben bzw eine Menge erfahren. Würde ich immer wieder bestellen! Nun aber das 20er Extrakt!

    Il cliente ha dato un punteggio al prodotto ma non ha lasciato una recensione

    Il cliente ha dato un punteggio al prodotto ma non ha lasciato una recensione


    get out of my house
    For a high that is legal I real thought I was wasting my money. But a minute after bonging a few of the leaves I found my self talking to some people inside my computer. I was in the Kitchen just finishing the bong when I realized I was noway near my computer. To cut a long story short this stuff worked and is very powerful. Thankfully the trip does not last that long or I would be in a loony bin by now. I have done powerful acid many times and all the times I was aware of reality and the trip. With SALVIA I really got the out of body experience.


    Salvia is the real deal. I went to another dimension. It was my first tripp on salvia- experience was rather scary, but i wasn't prepared mentaly- when trip started i couldn't relax. Next time i try not to fight, must go with the flow... All in all i recomend to smoke salvia

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simon thouet 2013-09-10 00:32:59

Est-ce que ce sont des extrait standardisé.


This product is not standardized. However, it is subject to regular checks and high requirements. We're therefore happy to announce that the quality is similar and feedback received shows that many of our customers agree.

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Estratto di Salvia 10x (1 grammo)
Estratto di Salvia 10x (1 grammo)
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