Foglie Essiccate Di Salvia


La Salvia divinorum contiene salvinorina A, una delle sostanze psichedeliche più forti conosciute fino ad oggi dall'uomo. Non dev'essere confusa con una droga da party. Sotto i suoi effetti si percepisce una "realtà" completamente diversa da quella a cui siamo abituati. La Salvia dev'essere assunta in un luogo confortevole e sicuro, sempre in compagnia di un "tripsitter" sobrio.

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Quantità: 5 grams€ 4.95
  • Quantità: 5 grams € 4.95
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Quantità: 5 grams € 4.95 Disponibile
Quantità: 10 grams € 8.45 Disponibile
Quantità: 20 grams € 14.45 Disponibile
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Salvia divinorum - Le foglie della divina saggezza dei Mazatec

La Salvia divinorum ha una lunga storia alle spalle. Veniva usata come medicina sacra per condurre le persone in uno stato di trance spirituale. Gli sciamani della tribù Mazatec la usarono per secoli per raggiungere uno stato di percezione onirica, con il fine di conoscere attraverso le visioni. In dosi più basse veniva spesso impiegata in cerimonie di guarigione. Ci sono due metodi tradizionali per assumere la Salvia: masticando un "quid" di foglie (una pallina di foglie compresse) per un lungo periodo di tempo e successivamente ingerire i frammenti di foglie oppure immergendo le foglie macinate in acqua e fare un'infusione da bere.

La Salvia non è una droga da party! Si tratta di una delle sostanze psichedeliche più forti sperimentate fino ad oggi dall'uomo. I suoi effetti sono in grado di abbassare il supario sulla realtà che normalmente percepiamo per aprire le porte di una "realtà" alternativa completamente diversa. Ha la capacità di giocare con i sensi, i ricordi ed i pensieri, mentre fa vagare in un mondo completamente nuovo. Si tratta della bizzarra dimensione sensoriale impostata dalla Salvia!

La Salvia dev'essere assunta in un ambiente confortevole e sicuro e sempre in compagnia di un "tripsitter" sobrio. È raccomandabile accendere luci tenui e mantenere lontano qualsiasi tipo di distrazione. Il televisore acceso potrebbe solo rovinare l'esperienza, per cui spegnetelo. Accendete, invece, musica rilassante di sottofondo.


2-8 grammi di foglie essiccate sono sufficienti per un'esperienza forte.

Il sapore amaro delle foglie di Salvia potrebbe non essere di gradimento per tutti. Potete insaporire i vostri "quid" con miele, sciroppo o zucchero, in modo da rendere l'esperienza un po' più dolce.


Non mettetevi al volante di qualsiasi tipo di veicolo e non usate macchinari pesanti sotto gli effetti della Salvia divinorum

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    Hey thats pretty good
    Ok so this product is actually really good. Especially for it's price. Now i should mention that i did not have halucinations even after smoking 3 bowls back to back, so for that effect i ordered extracts, which I'm going to try out pretty soon. But what I did get from these leaves is a tingly feeling in my body especially around my joints. I also experienced something rather strange. It was like my mind had been split into two personalitys; one that wanted to do something and the other one that i was actually in control of. So if the me that i couldn't control wanted something, i could still just be like: Nope. I also tried chewing these leaves. I did not get any effect out of that, which was pretty annoying because I had to keep it in my mouth for 30 minutes, chewing every 10 seconds and not swallow any of the bitter juices unless my mouth started to overflow. So yeah... that wasn't something I'd do again. Another time I tried it with two friends. One was literally rolling on the floor, laughing; whereas the other one experienced it very similar to the way that I did. A negative point I should mention is that, atleast it happened to me, you start to sweat for no reason, so if you can be ready to loose your shirt. All in All I think the best description to recap how these leaves affect you is this: Remember the first time you smoked weed ? Laughing for no reason? A very intense bodily high ? Salvia is sort of like that.


    Sehr gut!
    Ich hab nicht viel zu sagen außer das es mega geil ist die Wirkung ist kurz 5-15 Minuten aber dafür sehr intensiv ich war überrascht als das Paket am 3. Tag schon da war ich bin sehr von dem Produkt und von dem freundlichen Zamnesia Team beeindruckt kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!:)


    Not enought hard
    If u want something strong dont look for this and ask for the extracts. but its ok for begginers and because of the price.


    Universal substance
    Dear Zamnesian! Thank you for this gift of nature! In my oponion salvia is very unique and universal substance, it can be used in different ways depending of dose and ways of consumption. When you smoke - salvia became the strongest psychedelic. When you chew leaves it can be very stimulating and also a very strong aphrodisiac. Okay, now about my experience #1: I brushed my gums with toothpaste and washed my mouth with alcohol. Then I started to chew about 5-8 leaves. First effects came in 20 minutes. I had a feeling that I had a connection with this world, and the world was watching me! Aslo I had this very warm undescribable feeling of safeness. My body was very relaxed, I was walking as if I was a little bit drunk ;-) I was feeling like a main character in the movie. And all my life seems so easy. I was watching myself from a different perspective. Experience #2: I chewed the leaves and after 20 minutes I started to trip. This time salvia became to a aphrodisiac. For 5 seconds I thought about sex and my libido increased very much and also I got a strong boner in just 10 seconds. As if I was 18 years old teenager)) and I am 30 years old now)) this night I had difficulties to sleep. So don't do salvia before bed, it can be very stimulating!


    Dont buy the leaves, buy an extract
    i bought 20g of the normal salvia divinorum leaves some weeks ago. I didnt work although it tastes horribly as other people have written here. So now im going to try directly the x80 extract haha. Ive heard that salvia has an inverse tolerance effect so maybe after trying the extract, the leaves will finally have an effect and trip the shit out of me xDD peace

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    "best psychoactive plant in the wide world"
    To this conclusion I came after a long time of experience various, psychoactive substances. It is a very personal Judgement, I do not want anyone to believe me but I thought myself: There has to be someone to say It. With the right setting and a relationship to the plant like to a human soul, you get secrets of the nature revealed that are qualitative for your daily consciousness. Dont do it in urban, or in strange environment. Do it where you feel comfortable! And: Dont do any other Drug in the same time. At least one day before without any other. You will not feel the qualities this miracle of a plant-being has to offer! And: Dont fuck with her! She will notice and escapes from your spiritual realm! Greetings from the woods of Germany


    Do not under estimate
    I smoked a big bowl thinking I was going to just chill being just dried leaves but I was in for a surprise when the walls of my room collapsed on me like a book then off I went...So yeah don't under estimate this plant but definitely smoke it. Take it easy but take it!

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Foglie Essiccate Di Salvia
Foglie Essiccate Di Salvia
Foglie Essiccate Di Salvia
Foglie Essiccate Di Salvia
Foglie Essiccate Di Salvia
Foglie Essiccate Di Salvia
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