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Magic Mushroom Grow Kit 'McKennaii'

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit 'McKennaii'

La Psilocybe cubensis ‘McKennaii’ prende il nome, ovviamente, da Terence McKenna, il famoso filosofo, psiconauta, ricercatore, insegnante e scrittore americano. E`una qualità molto forte che causa forti effetti filosofici, con visioni mediamente intense. La McKennaii è una varietà destinata ai più esperti psiconauti.

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Con il kit per la crescita della Psilocybe cubensis ‘McKennaii’ Magic Mushroom è possibile raggiungere raccolti da 400-600 grammi di funghi freschi in poche settimane.

Ogni kit di coltivazione per funghi magici contiene:

- Vaschetta di substrato colonizzato dal micelio del fungo della Psilocybe cubensis ‘McKennaii’
- Sacchetto con filtro d’aria
- 2 graffette

Aggiungendo un po’ d’acqua e un po’ di pazienza, non avrai bisogno di altro per far crescere con successo i tuoi funghi direttamente a casa. Leggi il nostro manuale del kit Magic Mushroom Grow prima di iniziare.



    Da il 29/Ago/2016 :

    Titolo : Still, fantastic!
    Commento : Read 'till the end: 1 of my 3 autoflower seeds would not germinate. Bummer, but the other greatly make up for it. The McKennaii kit I bought was a total disaster. Looking back now, the kit did not smell nice and certainly did not resemble mushrooms. In the end I had 4 big mushrooms. Around 7gr wet. I notified Zamnesia and I almost immediately received a super polite mail back to inform that they were sorry to hear that. After I explained my handle and shown some pictures, they again instantly mailed me that I could have a refund or that I could buy the same kit or even something else. Seems like the sky is the limit for Zamnesia in terms of kindness, customer service, and most especially their fairness... The kit is growing like crazy since a few days and it's like I see them grow. Every so hours I go downstairs to check on them and every time they are bigger. First batch now and the density of the shrooms is also amazing. There are so so much. They push out at the side of the kit. hahaha O, And I must say that the San Pedro is really a beautiful piece I received. Have already planted it and I'm going to let it grow first for quite some time. I have the McKennaii to focus on now and will be going into the forest for a few days to have a deep spiritual and healing trip. Thanks Zamnesia. Going to come back for sure...

    Da il 16/Feb/2015 :

    Titolo : traum
    Commento : Hammer wie immer

    Da il 14/Nov/2014 :

    Titolo : Quick delivery
    Commento : Ordered one of these bad boys with a few truffle boxes! Man, it took 4 days delivery to the UK. Very impressed. However no instruction manual inside.. (even though a child could set one up) this would of been nice. The mystery bag was awesome! No plastic bag either. Clearly the staff at Zamnesia are all pot heads on the whole 9 out 10 service looking forward to my next magic trip!

    Da il 10/Nov/2014 :


    Da il 03/Nov/2014 :

    Titolo : McKenaii!!
    Commento : au top rien a dire c'est mon premier kit et j'en suis content ^^

    Da il 03/Nov/2014 :

    Titolo : awesome
    Commento : Ich möchte ja keine werbung hier machen, aber Zamnesia ist einfach Top erlich. Sehr freundlicher Kundendienst, schon bei nah zu freundlich :) und Ware ist Perfekt. Fazit: Hier wird man ordentlich beraten und wenn es Probleme giebt wird schneller geholfen als die Polizei erlaubt.

    Da il 30/Ott/2014 :

    Titolo : Magic Heaven
    Commento : Came in the post in 6 days to UK, wicked service always order from here :) Previously grown this strain, took about 10-13 days for shroom emergence. Very strong philosophical high, intense visuals...quite strong on the body ! had 4 yields as well :)

    Da il 30/Ott/2014 :

    Titolo : Everything as it should be!
    Commento : Fast shipping as usual and very potent boxes! If you haven't tried the McKennaii, DO IT! Worth every single cent.

    Da il 30/Ott/2014 :

    Titolo : Just do it
    Commento : Il m'a fallut attendre presque deux semaines avant de voir les premiers champignons arriver. Maison compliqué a chauffer, il est impératif d'être au dessus des 20 degrés. Le mycelium était mal répartit donc je conseil aux prochains acheteurs de mettre de l'allu autour de la boite pour éviter que les champis capte la lumière et pousse à l'envers. Jai aussi mis plusieurs coup de fourchette stérilisé au bout de 10 jours afin d’aérer "la terre" et de mettre de la mousse blanche ou il n'y en avait pas et MAGIE !!!! les champis sont apparu et de manière très homogène. Vivement la récolte et Merci Zamnesia !

    Da il 20/Ott/2014 :

    Titolo : Mc kennai
    Commento : Hatte die Box die erste Woche im Kühlschrank aufbewahrt,dann erst gestartet! Ein einziger war nach 1.5 Wochen frühreif und mutiert(1kopf und 2 Stiele)!den hab ich gleich geerntet! Der Rest ist noch sehr klein aber gut zu erkennen das es passt!keine weiteren Mutationen :) Bin momentan seit dem Start erst in der 2.woche! Funktioniert Super Easy! Das einzige ist nur dass man als Anfänger sich alle GENAUEREN INFOS aus dem Internet selber holen muss! Ansonsten alles ok! Gerne wieder! Lieferung auch ok! Mfg

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Da Artheon | 2014-04-17 18:08:52

Bonjour, quelle est le temps de conservation des champignons après la récolte ?


You can consume the shrooms from your kit either fresh (for up to 7 days after harvest, when stored properly and refrigerated - not frozen!) or you can dry them to store them for longer. Most people use towels to dry the mushrooms onto. Please make sure though that you regularly change the papers because of the amount of moisture coming out of the mushrooms. When they feel dry to the touch after a few days, you can store them in an air-tight bag. While the recommended dose for mushrooms is dependent on many factors, general consensus is 15 to 30 grams of fresh mushrooms and 1.5 - 3.5 grams dried (due to the weight loss incurred during drying). This of course depends on the type of mushrooms. For the stronger mushrooms a lower dose is recommended. Please note though that, the longer you store dried shrooms, the less effective they become in the long run.

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