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Kit Supa Gro 100% (Scelto da Zamnesia) 1200ml

Kit Supa Gro 100% (Scelto da Zamnesia) 1200ml

Supa Gro è conosciuta per la pregiata qualità dei suoi kit di coltivazione. Siamo oggi orgogliosi di poterli offrire a tutti i nostri clienti! Volete sapere dove procurarvene uno? Ebbene, ve ne invieremo uno scelto a caso... Si tratta di un appuntamento al buio con un compagno psichedelico che vi farà viaggiare nelle profondità della vostra anima!

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Tappetino riscaldante mushroom - per raggiungere la temperatura ottimale nella coltivazione dei funghi magici

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    Da il 16/Mag/2018 :

    Titolo : Got the colombian
    Commento : Couldn't care less for the strain, chose this kit as it's a little cheaper because of the random strain. Got the colombian, it's been a while since I grew so many and such big mushrooms. On the second flush I harvested a mushroom that weighed over 35g's wet (3g+ Strong dose dry). Will always go for the random Supa Gro kits (favo brand out of them all on Zamnesia)

    Da il 26/Apr/2018 :

    Titolo : Déçu mais rassuré
    Commento : J'ai commender 3 kits "zamnesia choice" mais malheureusement ils m'ont envoyer 3 fois des "thick dick" qui n'ont pas pousser,j'était deçu car j'esperai découvrir 3 variété différente, mais j'ai écrit au service après vente et ils m'ont proposer de m'envoyer 3 nouveau kit de variétés de mon choix, donc je suis très satisfait de leur service et de leur rapidité de réaction.

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    Da il 03/Apr/2018 :

    Titolo :
    Commento : The gro kit came in time and the package was accurate. The shipping was fast and secure,and overall this shop is rly supportive and won't leave You dissatisfied :D All my blessing to this shop

    Da il 03/Apr/2018 :

    Titolo : Good and bad
    Commento : Pedersen 3 boxes. Mckennai, mexican and albino. Package arrived very fast without any problems. 2weeks later mckennai IS making it's first flush with two(2) mushrooms. Out of the mexican box got a first yield of 20g witch IS Bad compering to The yields i'm used to growing in smaller boxes. Albino is making it's first flush in a couple of days, at the moment it has 10 fairly sized pins coming.. Overall review. Dont think i will Be ordering from zamnesia again. PS. Got good free gifts

    Da il 14/Marzo/2018 :

    Titolo : McKennaii
    Commento : So, I ordered Zamnesia's Choice and I got McKennaii. The delivery was fast as always, customer service - as usual - love u guys, but the grow kit was very poor. First flush was like 10 small sized shrooms, the second one was even worse. I'm growing shrooms for years and this is the first time I'm so disappointed. Don't get me wrong - the strain is amazing, but this particular grow kit maybe was old or i don't even know...

    Da il 22/Feb/2018 :

    Titolo : Good sh**
    Commento : Got around 35 dry in 2 flushes....25 in the first flush:) overall good quality kit and mushrooms on flush 3 now still No contam ... so took Some prints, will order again Thanks zamnesia

    Da il 10/Feb/2017 :

    Titolo : Query
    Commento : Obviously you've just put 220g fresh and I noticed someone else had only yielded 35g off a kit. Is this the difference between fresh and dried in the weight? I've tried amazonians which I relate to sound, pattern and colours in nice waves. A very controllable shroom as opposed to the second ones I tried, the penis envy. These where a lot more hallucinogenic, real Harry Potter shit. Wizardry is the best word to describe. I've never grown and does anyone have any recommendations of a shroom that would meet the two I've tried half way?

    Da il 08/Feb/2017 :

    Titolo : Awesome
    Commento : Got White Lightning. The package came to my place in 3 days. In 2 weeks I got 220g of fresh mushrooms without heating map or any special lighting. Just Awesome!

    Da il 20/Gen/2017 :

    Titolo : cool
    Commento : après avoir mushé plusieurs variétés , le choix zamnésia a été une génétique jamais essayée , à savoir les A+ , impatient de voir si ils sont aussi bons que les précédents ... jusqu ici rien à dire , si ce n est MERCI et BRAVO à toute l équipe pour ces soirées exquises passées grâce à eux !!!

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