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Jet-Flash Smoking System

Jet-Flash Smoking System

La pipa Jet Flash è composta da 7 pezzi, che ti permettono di scegliere tra vari tipi di adattatori e possono essere usati come pezzi aggiuntivi al tuo normale bong o anche da soli, la scelta è solo tua Il design dei vari pezzi della pipa fa in modo che il fumo si raffreddi, così che il fumo sia più facile da inalare.

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    Da S. K. Su 08/Gen/2016 :

    Titolo : kool jet
    Commenti : Amazing

    Da J. H. Su 12/Gen/2015 :

    Titolo : Amazing bong !
    Commenti : Très bon produit, de bonne qualité et les différents assemblages sont très sympa et permettent de ne jamais s'ennuyer !! ;)

    Da D. P. Su 08/Sett/2014 :

    Titolo : Cool smoking device
    Commenti : If you want a new all in one smoking device, this one is for you. It is small enough and well thought. The tornado effect is great too! But i found that this device wasnt what i was looking for, which was a good bong. I find this one to be too small to be a good bong. Not enough water and too impractical just as a bong. But that aside, it is a good value.

    Da G. G. Su 22/Ago/2013 :

    Titolo : one of my most favorite bong/products from this site 10 out of 5 stars
    Commenti : wow i cant believe no one else has posted a review yet of such a amazing smoking device there is not even all the product info well i will fill you in on the jet flash and it's Whirling smoke, using the Venturi system, begins in the small nozzles in the body of the chamber. The design of the funnel body aerates the smoke, cooling it and making it easier to inhale. While taking a hit, you can watch how the revolutionary filtration system works. Tiny holes on the sides act as fine air intakes and make the smoke swirl, wherein the tar is deposited on the inside of the whirling smoke chamber. every part of the jet flash is made of heat resistant borosilicate (pyrex) glass my summery the best buy for your money for the best glass out there ! ! ! i could not recommend one more if you are not convinced just google jet flash smoking system and see for your self... better and slower burning-more hits-more taste-more impact- more possibilities! ! ! and in dutch besserer abbrand-mehr hits-mehr Wirkung-mehr Geschmack-mehr Moglichkeiten ! ! ! XD

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