GrowCaps (All-In-One Nutrition)


GrowCaps offer convenient all-in-one nutrition for your cannabis plants. Each pack of GrowCaps contains 100 grams of all the required nutrients for you to grow some quality buds. Grow perfect plants: All you need are GrowCaps and water!

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GrowCaps: Easy & Complete Plant Nutrition

With GrowCaps, you can grow perfect plants easily and conveniently! GrowCaps are not your average long-term release nutrients. The high-tech encapsulated polymers allow for all-in-one distribution of root, grow, and bloom nutrition to your plants! Unlike other products, GrowCaps dissolve in phases and release the right nutrients for your cannabis plants at the right time.


  • Root nutrients for a strong and healthy seedling tap root
  • Grow nutrients to ensure vigorous growth during the vegetative phase
  • Bloom booster for maximum yields in the flowering stage


With GrowCaps, you won’t have to worry about different nutrients or complicated feeding schedules. All you need is to provide water and your plants will thrive all throughout their growing stages! What’s more, GrowCaps save you water too. In fact, GrowCaps are designed to retain water for your plants so you need 30% less than you would with other nutrients!


Add GrowCaps in the right dosage to your soil and mix well just once before planting your seeds or seedlings. The recommended dosage is 2 grams GrowCaps per 1 litre of soil.

  • 1 litre soil—2 grams GrowCaps
  • 10 litre soil—20 grams GrowCaps
  • 100 litre soil—200 grams GrowCaps
  • 1000 litre soil—2 kilograms GrowCaps


  • Fully encapsulated-polymer plant nutrition
  • Contains root nutrients, grow nutrients, and bloom booster all-in-one
  • Releases all required nutrients at the correct time
  • Works from seed to harvest
  • Does not stick to roots!
  • Saves more than 30% water

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Reviews (7)

    Das Schlimmste, was ich tun konnte
    Dieses Produkt ist wirklich der allerletzte Husten. Die angegebene Dosierung ist viiiiiel zu hoch angesetzt. Na jedenfalls dosierte ich nach Vorschrift. Das war die mickrigste, erbärmlichste Ernte gewesen, die ich je einfuhr. Würde ich niemanden empfehlen.


    More like High-Poison Polymer
    I've grown with these and I got decent results, one tiny plant, one massive plant. I went to grow with them again and wanted to try them in coco then I read the ingredients and realised never have I heard of any of these ingredients for plants in my 4-5 years experimenting with different nutrient lines in hydro/soil... so I went to the manufacturers website and started digging around for reviews or forum posts... no luck. I messaged the GrowCaps company twice through their website over the course of 4 months with no reply to what the ingredients were exactly and it's compatibility with other mediums and ratio comparisons for each medium so I kept digging and any description I've found has been very vague. There is no mention of flushing and there's spelling mistakes all over their website home page! "vegatitive" "fase". Hmmmm. 2 stars for Zamnesia's great service as usual and the fact the capsules grew a plant regardless of this tomfoolery.


    Un super produit que je voudrais bien racheter...Il est parfait pour les autos ! Seul souci : je ne parviens pas à me ré approvisionner. (Du coup, je cherche le produit équivalent).


    Super facile d’utilisation, notice parfaitement clair. Toutes mes graines ont poussées en 4 jours. Rétention d’eau excellente.


    Snelle levering, goed verpakt. De growcaps nemen veel water op wat ze dan geleidelijkaan afgeven samen met voeding voor de planten. Erg handig en werkt goed!


    Einfache Handhabung
    Mal schauen was es bringt


    Grow cap tester review
    I tested this product and I can say this , its awesome for Auto Flowers , from start to finish . I had a fabulous lady due to Grow Caps . can 100% recommend .

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GrowCaps (All-In-One Nutrition)
GrowCaps (All-In-One Nutrition)
GrowCaps (All-In-One Nutrition)
GrowCaps (All-In-One Nutrition)