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Shisha Stift 'Wassermelone'

Shisha Stift 'Wassermelone'

Ein neues Gerät für Fans des Shisha Rauchens: Der Einweg Shisha Stift. Kein Nikotin, kein Teer, keine Flamme, kein Rumfummeln - nur aromatisierter Dampf. Dieser Mini Verdampfer ist 11,8cm lang und liefert bis zu 600 Züge. Man braucht kein Handbuch, um ihn zu benutzen. Nimm den Deckel ab und fang an Einzuatmen. Eine LED in der Spize zeigt an, wenn der Verdampfer arbeitet. Wassermelone Geschmack.

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    Von C. C. An 14/Feb/2016 :

    Betreff : Shisha Pen
    Kommentar : Decir que es un buen producto, más barato de lo que puedes encontrar en otras tiendas online, el sabor no es muy intenso, pero es resultón. Fácil y sencillo de usar, tal vez menos caladas de las que dicen que puede dar de sí, pero para ser un deshechable no va mal. Gracias por todo.

    Von V. S. An 23/Okt/2013 :

    Betreff : Watermelon
    Kommentar : I loved it, the taste was amazing. Can't wait until they're in stock so that I can buy them again! ;)

    Von S. S. An 31/Mai/2013 :

    Betreff : Shisha pen - watermelon
    Kommentar : As a non-smoker, I was very interested in the tube-e shisha. It is a miniature electric shisha that comes in a variety of flavours and it contains no tar or nicotine. Seems like a healthier way to join in on the smoking fun. So I tried it! I had difficulty choosing a flavour, cherry and cola both sounded really nice, but I eventually opted for watermelon. The Tube-e shisha is lightweight and easy to handle, it has the size and shape of a cigarillo. When you inhale, a led light brightens up at the reverse end of the tube. There is a small ventilation hole halfway down the tube which allows you to intensify the density of the vapor by covering it with your finger. The flavour, I must say, is very addicting. Nice and sweet, without a smokey or burnt aftertaste. The amount of vapor is very substantial, I could even blow a ring or two. To make a long story short, I really enjoy having my Tube-e Shisha in my bag for a quick puff now and then. My smoking friends are also pleasantly surprised by the Tube-e Shisha. As soon as this one is finished, i will move on to the next flavour untill I have tried them all. And then I will go back to watermelon and repeat the proces again and again! 5 STARS!

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Aus Shisha Pen | 2013-09-15 20:05:43

Wie alt muss man sein, um einen zu bestellen? Es ist ja nur aromatisierter Dampf.


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