Legal Status of Magic Truffles, Magic Mushrooms and Grow Kits

Zamnesia is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and operates only in the legal boundaries of the narcotic law of The Netherlands. While the law regarding Magic Truffles, Magic Mushrooms and Grow Kits is clear, some questions may remain ...

It comes down to this:

  • Mushrooms (fresh & dried): Illegal
  • Magic Truffles: Legal
  • Mushrooms Grow Kits: Legal

All mushroom related products and even dried mushrooms had been perfectly legal in The Netherlands until a court case in 2002. As of that time dried mushrooms have been banned from Smartshops and were illegal - while fresh mushrooms remained legal. The active substance in Magic Mushrooms - psilocybin - has been illegal in The Netherlands for a long time, but since fresh mushrooms are a natural product, those remained legal. The idea behind this is the editing process; as soon as you dry a fresh mushroom, you actively participate in the process of making psilocybin - and that is illegal.

After some occurrences with Magic Mushrooms in 2008 (especially in Amsterdam; we still suspect other drugs and/or alcohol had been involved in these - and alcohol is still perfectly legal to date) the government decided to ban and illegalize fresh mushrooms as well. The law is very clear and only classifies the mushroom as illegal. Considering the Magic Truffles are sclerotia and NOT mushrooms, the fresh truffles remain absolutely legal. Grow Kits are neither sclerotia, nor mushrooms and hence are 100% legal as well.


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As a rule of thumb, Mushrooms are illegal in almost all countries. Grow kits are a different story and the laws regarding mushrooms and related products vary greatly from country to country. This makes it impossible for us to provide legal advise about such products in your local jurisdication. You should always research the laws in your own country pefore purchasing anything from our website. Please take a few minutes and read our Terms and Conditions.