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Interview with Royal Queen Seeds

So, where are you guys from?

From the city of cannabis: Amsterdam!

How many strains do you have at the moment (2013)?

At this moment we have a feminized cannabis collection of more than 39 Different strains. Including 20 different photo period feminized cannabis strains. 3 specialized feminized Medical cannabis seeds, 16 Feminized Autoflowering strains and 3 different mix packs.

Can you tell us a bit more about the history of Royal Queen Seeds?

With more than 20 years’ experience in the cannabis industry Royal Queen Seeds goes back into the early 90’s. Royal Queen Seeds is the end result of a group dedicated growers and cannabis fanatics combining their knowledge and love for the plant. Our vision is to provide the world with the best cannabis genetics possible and to make “growing your own medicine” possible for many people!

What is the most popular Sativa (dominant) strain of Royal Queen Seeds?

At this moment our Amnesia Haze and Shining Silver Haze are by far the most popular Sativa strains we have. But we have noticed that our new Haze Berry is gaining a lot in popularity.

What is the most popular Indica (dominant) strain of Royal Queen Seeds?

Our Northern Lights is the most popular Indica strain of Royal Queen Seeds. But the ICE (Indica Crystal Extreme ) is getting more and more popular so it could become the most favourite Indica strain in a short time period!

What is the most popular Autoflowering strain of Royal Queen Seeds

Northern Light Automatic due his high yield and amazingly fruity taste. But now we have added 5 new strains like the white widow automatic and amnesia haze automatic so I think this can change in 2014. We will see

Are there any new strains coming soon?

Yes, we have received so many positive feedbacks on our medical line that we are working to create more and even better medical strains. We will never stop with our passion: Keep improving our genetics and the experience of growers!

And there are still many strains we are working on but they are not ready for release yet. So I hope we get the newest strains ready on time to launch them next season but for that you should keep track of our Facebook page to stay up to date. Can’t say more about these new strains at the moment ;)

What do you think of the situation around medical marijuana?

Medical Marijuana is a very important subject for us, the legalization of some states in America really makes the future for medical cannabis look brighter. They finally start doing research and new benefits of medical cannabis use is found daily. That’s why we have launched a complete line of Medical Cannabis strains with a very high CBD level.

Have you won any prizes with your strains?

Yes we have won many cannabis cups with our strains including the highlife cup in the Netherlands, Soft Secrets Cup in Prague and different cups in Spain and Catalonia!

Do you have a last message for our visitors?

We would like to thank everyone for choosing to Grow with Royal Queen Seeds. And ask them to show us their plants and results! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and stay updates with the latest Royal Queen Seeds news!

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