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interview with Dyadik, the creator of Zami.

Some time ago our good friend and mascotte, Zami was born. Although his spirit has been with us for more than 15 years already we wanted to give hime a physical body and let him cruise the world with us and you. We asked Dadik Triadi aka Dyadic, to help us out. We met up with him after he created Zami's body for us to ask him some questions;

Zamnesia • Dyadik hello, of course first of all thanks for the great toy you made for us here at Zamnesia! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?; who are you? How old are you? Where do you live?

Dyadik - Hello, my name is Dadik Triadi aka Dyadic,  I am a man with tons of idea's, a papertoy maker, a jedi knight, sometimes being  a zombies, and really love to drink a glass of tea J. i am 30 years old, lived in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Zamnesia • Could you tell us a bit about paper toys in general? About the origin of paper toys and the phenomenon around it?

Dyadik - Basically papertoy is a 3D papercraft art, the art of craft using paper as a base material. Form of paper toy designed is a simple as possible, because papertoy prioritizes ease in making. Papertoy can be said to be the art of paper folding, but unlike origami, in papertoy require additional processing, which is cut (using scissors or cutter) and gluing.

Papertoy art comes from Japan, and is growing rapidly in the United States and Europe.

In there, papertoy called as an urban paper, because paper toy can be said as a paper folding art combined with the urban art, that prioritizes freedom of expression in art of urban society itself.

Papertoy are growth bigger and more bigger till now, along with the rapid growth of internet technologies, cause now its easy to spread and get the papertoy template design on internet.

Zamnesia • When we started looking a bit into paper toys we came across you quite soon, so I guess you must be pretty famous in the world of paper toys. Have you always been interested in them? Or what is your background and how did you become a paper toy maker?

Dyadik - Famous?? LoL... no, perhaps a better word is I am exist in papertoy world. I always interesting with toys, and when I found papertoy, I feel in love with. I have no background which is related with what I am doing now to making papertoy, even it design or illustrator background, i am self-taught  papertoy designer.

Zamnesia • How long does it take you to create a paper toy? What are the different steps you as a designer take?

Dyadik - I take a few hours to make a papertoy, I always start by sketching how the final template could look, then I design it in computer software.

Zamnesia • Are you using any software? Or is it all with only paper?

Dyadik - Yup, I used CorelDraw and Photoshop to design my papertoy.

Zamnesia • What inspires you? Do you have any special sources for inspiration?When browsing the internet for paper toys I found a lot of sites about them. I t seems that there are many exhibitions and books about artists like you. Do you think it is possible to live from only working with paper toys for you?

Dyadik - In general there’s  a lot of  think that influences on my work. First is urban culture, comics, cartoon movies, and last but not least, I really love all about zombies.

Yes sir!! You are right, there’s a lot of awesome papertoy sites and a lot of great papertoy designers making an exhibitions or books about papertoy.

Live for only making papertoy??hmmm its a hard question... I think for now its hard to live from only making papertoys, cause papertoy is just a hobby, and not everyday we can get a commissioned papertoy project, but  I always dream that someday I can live from only making papertoys. I hope there’s a lot of company’s like Zamnesiathat will be interested and will find out that papertoys can be a good promotion tool for their company.

Zamnesia • What was the coolest paper toy you ever made?

Dyadik - Maybe the coolest papertoy that i ever made is DUMPY Papertoy, coz its my first papertoy character that i ever made.

Zamnesia • Probably we are not the first organization you make a paper toy for. So can you tell us what was the weirdest request you ever got?

Dyadik - I think every client has a different and uniqe request , and its always fun and interesting project, and I always try my best for my client and make them satisfied with my papertoy design.

Zamnesia • Is there any request you are still dreaming about? Any company or person for instance.

Dyadik - My biggest dream is still that someday I can have my own papertoy book and have a lot of commissioned papertoy projects with some nice company out there.

Zamnesia • I bet that you are not really that interested in drug related adventures, but if you take a look at our site, is there anything you would like to try yourself?

Dyadik - Hmmm that's a difficult question, but I think I would try big budha seeds and smoke it using ceramic bong black hat skull! Its gonna get me high for sure!! LOL!!

Zamnesia • Well Dyadik, thank you for this interview, your answers and of course thanks again for the great toy you made for us!

Dyadik - You are welcome guys, thanks again for trusting me to make your papertoy! It was a big honour for me, and hope someday we can make some more papertoys together. Maybe some day Zami might want to have some family.


Zami Papertoy
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