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Top 6 Acrylic Bongs Of 2017

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Acrylic bongs are inexpensive and durable, making them a great choice for beginners as well as veteran cannabis smokers. Here are our choices for the top 6 acrylic bongs of 2017.

Over the centuries, as cannabis culture spread throughout the world, many have attempted to find the perfect way to consume their favourite plant. Today, one of the most popular methods of smoking cannabis is by far the bong. A bong is a water filtration device that not only cools the smoke as you inhale but also filters out some of the potentially harmful hydrocarbons that even cannabis produces. Bongs come in all shapes, sizes and materials, however, some are far more practical than others. Acrylic bongs have been around for ages and offer a few distinct advantages over the competition.


Acrylic bongs are a great way to get high and offer many advantages over glass or more expensive alternatives. As already mentioned, the biggest benefit to an acrylic bong is the price. Spending hundreds on a fancy bong is great, but an elaborate handcrafted smoking device just isn't practical every time you want to take a hit. Acrylic bongs are not only inexpensive, they are durable. They can be knocked around, fall over and still work like the day you bought 'em. Being so durable, they are much better suited for travel than a glass bong, which has to be wrapped and packed before you can move them. Whether you're a veteran or new to cannabis, an acrylic bong should be part of every smoker's toolbox. The question is, which one?


Sometimes bigger is better. Such is the case with the 52cm Clear Large Bong. This absolute giant of a bong is sure to deliver the intense hits you crave. A 52cm straight tube attached to a rubber base is as simple as it gets, but simple is all you need. The bong comes with a standard sized bowl that can be unscrewed, while the stem slides right out for easy cleaning. It's probably a little too big to be toting around with you on your night out on the town, but it will make a great and rugged piece to use at home. If big hits are what you are looking for, a big bong is what will do the trick.

Acrylic Bong Clear Large


No one should veer smoke alone. That's where the Acrylic 4-Hoser Bong comes in. Everyone has that friend that likes to talk when he should be smoking. Here's one way to make sure your mates don't park on the grass. Now everyone can have their own tube and smoke 'till their heart's delight. The 4-Hoser measures in at 36cm making it the perfect piece to pack up and take to the party. The four tubes easily detach making cleaning a snap. The 4-Hoser comes with a large wooden bowl but can easily be replaced with one of your own. No one has to be left out when you show up with what will surely be the highlight of any gathering.

Acrylic Bong 4-Hoser


Wanna feel spacey? Then the clear acrylic Alien Head Cannabis Bong is the one for you. The unique alien head design creates a large chamber in which your smoke can build up before knocking you out. This design comes with two interchangeable bowl heads; a large one for stuffing with those heady green nuggets, and a small one which would be perfect for smoking other herbs. The tube is positioned at just the right angle making smooth hits from a stationary position as easy as can be.

Alien Head Cannabis Bong


The Double Bowl's unique two-sphere design allows for increased air flow while maintaining the flavour and experience of your favourite cannabis strains. The bottom sphere filters the smoke through water, then the top sphere allows the smoke to circulate. Looking for an even bigger hit? The Double Bowl has a removable rubber rim around the carb. Just pop it out and enjoy even more air flow. Coming in at 26cm in height, the Double Bowl is big enough to pack a punch and small enough to still be portable.

Acrylic Bong Double Bowl


When you want to make sure you inhale every last little bit of smoke, the Gas Mask Bong is where it's at. The Gas Mask Bong is made of comfortable rubber with adjustable straps and is attached to a full sized clear acrylic tube. Simply adjust the straps to create an airtight seal around your face, pack the bowl with your favourite strain and enjoy a fully immersive smoking experience. The clear tube fits perfectly into the seal around the mouthpiece, ensuring a rich and full hit every time. Just fill with smoke, release the carb, and enjoy your trip to the stars.

Gas Mask Bong


The Vortex Gravity Bong is a powerful cannabis smoking device that completely changes the bong game. Unlike traditional bongs that require your lungs to fill the chamber with smoke, the Vortex relies on gravity. First, you fill the top chamber with water. A valve on the side keeps the water in place. With a swift turn of the knob, water begins to flow into the bottom chamber, causing a vacuum effect. This vacuum effect fills the top chamber with smoke. Once it can't hold any more, pop off the bowl and have a sip. The Vortex Gravity Bong is a fun and unique way to enjoy cannabis.

Vortex Gravity Bong



Written by: Cory
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