Study Finds CBD Is Safe

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Study Finds CBD Is Safe

We all know that CBD is non-psychoactive, but is it safe? According to new research, yes it is.

The results of a hugely significant study have just been announced at the recent 2015 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting. It is a milestone on the journey to proving that cannabinoids can be both useful, and achieving their mainstream use. What has this new research proven? That not only does CBD possess medical value, but it is also safe.

The findings come courtesy of Dr. Orrin Devinsky, director of the New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. In his recent experiment, 213 volunteers with epilepsy, ranging in age from children all the way to adults, were given Epidiolex - a new CBD isolate, (meaning its content is 98% CBD). It was found that participants experienced an average drop in seizures by 54%, with no serious side effects being observed.

Of course, this is a very small sample group in the grand scheme of things, and Dr. Devinsky has said more research is needed, with larger sample groups. However, these results are very promising, and establish a scientific baseline for what we all know: CBD is safe. CBD is beneficial.

Epidiolex is produced by GW Pharmaceuticals, a British pharmaceutical company that has been given permission by the government to grow and experiment with cannabis. Whilst this medicine can surely improve lives, it just goes to show the fundamental flaws of cannabis prohibition. Once again cannabinoids have been shown to be our friend, not our foe. It is time to end the madness!