Study: Cannabis effective treatment for Epilepsy

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Study: Cannabis effective treatment for Epilepsy

It has been early recognized that cannabis, and particularly CBD extracts, can do wonders for epilepsy sufferers. Now, a new Stanford study is backing up these claims.

Recently published in December’s issue of "Epilepsy and Behavior", Stanford University conducted a survey assessing the responses of parents who were using CBD extracts to treat epilepsy in their children.

The study, led by Dr Catherine Jacobson, obtained the responses of 18 families. Of those, it was reported that 83% of parents found a reduction in the frequency of their child’s seizures after taking CBD-rich extracts. Of those who reported a drop in frequency, the reduction of seizures was around 80%. It was also found that there appeared to be no side-effects to the treatment.

Similar studies have already appeared in the past, and a many individual families have stepped forward to share their story on the internet. Most notably is the case of Charlotte, a 6-year-old whose seizures were numbering 300 per week. After exhausting every formal treatment, the family eventually found CBD oil made from a particularly CBD-rich cannabis strain, „Charlotte‘s Web“, named after the child. The oil reduced her seizures to just 2-3 per month and allows her to lead a normal life again.

CBD extracts are legal in the US and Europe, as it is sourced from industrial hemp which only contains trace amounts of THC. Since there is absolutely no psychoactive effect nor any danger coming from CBD, the substance has never been scheduled.