Strain Review: Cannatonic From Resin Seeds
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Strain Review: Cannatonic From Resin Seeds

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Cannatonic is a profit-yielding hybrid with a CBD to THC ratio of at least 1:1. It is known around the world as one of the best medicinal strains available.

If you are on the hunt for an incredible CBD strain that is renown for its relief properties, then Cannatonic from Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds is what you are looking for. By crossing MK Ultra with a G13 Haze, they created one of the best strains around for numbing body highs and medicinal relief. The guys at Resin Seeds will tell you that Cannatonic is the most effective relief strain available today, and we would agree. It is solely responsible for starting the CBD movement in Europe.

Cannatonic is truly an incredible strain. A perfect 50/50 hybrid, Cannatonic has a CBD to THC ratio of at least 1:1, with many samples testing out with even higher ratios than that. Cannatonic is classified as a CBD-rich strain, which means that it contains at least 4% CBD. This is as good as it gets if you are looking for one of the best relief strains around. Oftentimes with high CBD strains, the THC content is too low to activate the CBD effectively. That's not the case with Cannatonic. Cannatonic has moderate THC levels which will give you a focused yet clear head high and a warm and tingly body buzz that will sooth and comfort.



The majority of the genetics comes from G13. Its parent MK Ultra is an OG Kush and G13 cross. Its other parent is a G13 Haze which is a cross of G13 and a pure Haze sativa. It is one of the more award-winning strains around. It has won Cannabis Cup awards around the World for best CBD plant and concentrate. It's hard to say anything other than that Cannatonic is one of the best strains you could add to your garden.


Brand: Resin Seeds
Genetics: 50% indica/50% sativa
Parents: MK Ultra x G13 Haze
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
THC: High
CBD: High
Yield (indoor): 500 g/m2
Yield (outdoor): 250-400 g/plant
Harvest Time (Outdoor): October
Available as: Feminized seeds


This strain is a high yielder if ever there was one. You can expect to pull 500g or more per square meter indoors or as much as 400g per plant outdoors. If you are growing outdoors, you can expect to harvest in early October. Indoors your Cannatonic plants will reach a medium height that shouldn't require raising your lights. They will tend to stretch out a little outdoors, but still maintain a manageable stature.

When you start to pop these girls in your garden, you will want to maintain a pH of around 6.2 to 6.5. Feed them with an EC of 1.0-1.2, although in the beginning, it's OK to hit them a little heavy. You can run these under a 24 hour veg light cycle, however the guys at Resin Seeds recommend an 18 hour light cycle to make sure your plants get some rest but not enough to trigger flowering. These are not autoflowering seeds so you don't need to worry about them budding before you are ready. Start your humidity up just a little around 60%. As your flowers develop, you will want to shift humidity to 50% mid grow and lower it to around 40% by the late flowering stage. By late stage you will want to adjust your EC to 1.2 to 1.4.

By the time your plants are ready for harvest you should find yourself with crystal coated vibrant green buds surrounded by tiny sugar leaf. The chunky buds are tightly packed together as they make their way down the main stalk to produce a hefty, dense cola. By topping or using low stress training, you can expose the lower buds to more light and increase your yield even more. The overall amount of finished bud you will find yourself will be impressive. The only thing more impressive is the feeling you will get when you sample the fruits of your labor.


Cannatonic has a sweet yet citrusy flavour. It holds true to its lineage, maintaining the earthy and woody flavours of the G13 Haze. Its subtle piney taste is reminiscent of its grandparent, the legendary OG Kush. In the garden, the citrus scent is much more pronounced. Your growing plants will give off a subtle odor of oranges. The scents and flavors come from the high level of terpenes found in Cannatonic. Coming in with high levels of linalool and myrcene, your Cannatoinc will have a flavour and essence you won't be able to get enough of.


Cannatonic, being a CBD-rich strain, offers a relaxing, long lasting and euphoric experience. You will definitely notice a head high, but it will be clear and subtle. Many who enjoy Cannatonic claim that it helps alleviate the aches and pains they would otherwise turn to prescriptions drugs for. The body buzz sets in rather quickly, spanning out in waves toward your extremities. If you had to sum up the effects of Cannatonic in a word, it would be calming. There is an uncanny sensation of well-being that is hard to describe. Combined with the lemony aroma, the experience is powerfully relaxing.

The higher than usual THC content in comparison to other CBD strains makes all the difference. If you need a strain that has next to no THC purely for relief purposes, then this is not the strain for you. There is plenty of THC present in Cannatonic to give you a nice clear and refreshing head high while easing your body into a solid frequency of vibration. If you are worried about getting anxious, don't. The physical sensation is so relaxing and the high so clear, you won't be worrying about a thing. The buzz from Cannatonic is so uplifting that some have even claimed that it has helped pull them out of a depression. Cannatonic's euphoric effects are peaceful and rewarding. The perfect ending to a long growing season.


You just can't go wrong with the most award-winning CBD strain of all time. If ever there was a perfect medicinal variety, Cannatonic is it. Bred from a powerful lineage including G13 Haze and MK Ultra, Cannatonic will net you heavy yields of lemony scented buds. The citrusy smell pales only to the sweet and piney flavor once smoked. The long lasting and warming body buzz will set you at ease. It is hard to dispute the reputation that Cannatonic has built for itself. It's easy to grow and produces savory sweet buds. So if you are looking for the best medicinal strain on the market, Cannatonic is the one for you.


Written by: Zamnesia
Zamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content.

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