Research: CBD Improves Quality of Life for Parkinson's Sufferers

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Research: CBD Improves Quality of Life for Parkinson's Sufferers

There has been a lot of CBD related research in the recent years, the most recent of which is now suggesting that it could be harnessed successfully to improve the quality of life in Parkinson’s disease sufferers.

Treating a chronic illness is not just about preventing it from getting worse, but actively improving quality of life. It is something easily lost sight of when treating an illness, as a lot of medication can actually cause side effects that end up making things worse. This particularly strikes home with me, as I watched my father suffer from a long term neurological condition that was causing him continual pain. The medication he was given certainly removed this pain, but made him unresponsive, unemotional, and unable to make decisions. He wasn’t put into a sedated haze, he was simply unable function, and it dramatically impacted his quality of life. It came to the point where he eventually chose the pain over the meds.

That is why it is always good to hear when research is published finding ways of improving the quality of life for certain conditions. Recent research published by a team from the University of São Paulo found that CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid of cannabis, significantly improved the quality of life of subjects suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Each participant was administered 300 mg of CBD a day, and then scored on their resulting day to day quality of life. It was found that the scores were significantly higher than the control group, who were receiving a placebo – suggesting that CBD could help those suffering from Parkinson’s get much closer to what they would consider to be a normal life.