Kratom Hangover? Here's How To Avoid it
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Kratom Hangover? Here's How To Avoid it

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Whilst a severe kratom hangover is quite rare, taking too much can leave you feeling uncomfortable, so here is how to make sure it never becomes an issue in the first place.

Kratom is quickly becoming becoming a favourite herb for many people out there. It’s relaxing and energising effects make it ideal for a lot of situations. However, there is a limit to how much the body can take in one go, and failing to look after yourself can result in a nasty hangover.


Although completely different substances, a kratom hangover is not too dissimilar from the one induced by alcohol.

Trouble waking up

As some strains of kratom are actually relaxing in nature, it will probably come as no surprise that one of the side effects of too much kratom is sleeping in longer than you usually would. For some, this probably sounds appealing, and is certainly one of the less problematic symptoms of a kratom hangover. However, it can leave you feeling very groggy when you do eventually roll out of bed, which is never nice.

Discomfort in neck and head

This is a moderately uncorfortable feeling that tends to focus around the base of the skull/top of the neck. It may feel like a tight elastic band is around your head. It is most common from highly stimulating strains. However, you may also experience a dull throbbing sensation around the top and front of the head, thanks to dehydration. 

Upset stomach

This is the most common and obvious sign that you have dosed your body with too much kratom. Fortunately, the sickly feeling from a kratom hangover is pretty mild, so you won’t suffer too much.


A kratom hangover can onset for a number of reasons, the most common of which is dehydration. There is some strong evidence out there to suggest kratom dehydrates the body. So the best measure you can take in preventing a kratom hangover is to drink plenty of water. It will certainly minimise the effects described above.

Of course, there is also the point you should not use more kratom than your body can handle. Whilst finding this out can be a bit of trial and error, once you know, you should set that as a limit. It is also advisable to make sure you are getting adequately balanced meals and some exercise on the days you use kratom. This can help minimise other potential factors they may cause a hangover. Just remember, hydrate and stay within your limits – using more than your body can deal with is neither smart nor safe.

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