How To Correctly Store Your Kratom
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How To Correctly Store Your Kratom

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Kratom is quickly becoming an invaluable tool in the psychonaut’s repertoire, and for good reason. But how long does it last on the shelf? And where should we even be storing it?

Kratom has only recently begun to enjoy widespread recognition in the west. From rural Thailand in origin, it was primarily used to fortify farmhands before a hard day’s work. The boost in mental concentration and activity a cup of Kratom tea can instill were perfectly suited for helping the labourers break up the monotony of their jobs and energising them for a rough day’s toil under a hot sun. The plant, which grows naturally there, tends to be boiled with water into a tea that the people of Thailand have been using traditionally for hundreds of years.

To this day, it retains the nature of being able to breathe life and vigour into a boring work schedule, although working in a field for twelve hours afterwards is not particularly recommended.

The versatility of the plant is perhaps one of its most appealing features; a small dose stimulates and rouses the mind, while a higher one soothes it.

The thing is, if you’re going to buy a large amount of Kratom, you need to know how to store it properly. The most important part of storing Kratom is keeping the potency of it intact.

Here are the best ways to make sure your Kratom is kept as potent as the day you bought it.


Don’t leave it out for too long or the leaves can become stale. Kratom that is readily exposed to oxygen undergoes a process called cross-linking that reduces the effects of the leaves when consumed. The best way to protect against this is by simply storing the Kratom in an airtight container. A vacuum packed bag is preferable but not everyone has access to a vacuum sealer so often a tightly sealed bag or jar can work nearly just as well.


While a lot of people store their Kratom in their refrigerators, this isn’t entirely necessary. The main goal is keeping the Kratom cool. This can be achieved almost as well just by storing the Kratom in a cool cupboard or larder and will significantly reduce alkaloids degeneration.


Keep the Kratom somewhere dark. Exposure to prolonged sunlight loosens the compounds of the leaves and makes them significantly less potent. It will also increase the temperature which as said above, will speed up their decomposition.


Kratom leaves are liable to begin growing mould if left in humid conditions for too long. If you should be so unlucky as to encounter this problem, it is important that the Kratom is discarded as it is likely no longer safe to consume. The best way to combat mould growing is by storing them in a sealed plastic bag, placed in a glass jar or container of some sort and then kept cool in a cupboard.

Using these above methods is a sure-fire way of ensuring your Kratom can stay fresh and potent for months.

Retain its potency and enjoy it even longer.


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