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Hemp Seeds Milk With CBD Oil Off The Shelves In UK

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In the UK, the raw food company Rawligion is offering a new beverage prepared with hemp seeds and CBD oil. The novel drink is named “Relax”. It contains hemp seeds, cashews, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, water, and CBD.

In London, the vegan café and raw food company Rawligion is now offering its customers a new beverage. This one is prepared with hemp seeds and corroborated with a CBD extract. The novel drink is named “Relax”, and it contains hemp seeds, cashew nuts, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, water, and CBD oil. That’s cool because it sounds like a drink that you can perfectly make at home.

According to its communication campaign, this beverage should be able to keep your well-being, and eventually “treat” a variety of different health issues, such as anxiety, pain, sleep and mood disorders. UK media covered the news with a little ambiguity over the words “cannabis” and “hemp”, but Rawligion’s cannabis drink doesn’t contain any THC or other psychoactive substances, needless to say.

The launch of this well-being drink comes a couple of months after the CBD producers and resellers in the United Kingdom received letters from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency requiring them to stop to selling, advertising or accepting orders for their CBD products. MHRA communications stated that CBD now complies with the status of a medicinal product. Obviously, Rawligion’s new drink complies.

Rawligion Hemp Seed Milk CBD UK


A new legislation has just been passed in the UK to turn CBD into a legitimate medicine. With their authorization to sell CBD drinks, at Rawligion’s they hope patients will substitute or integrate, painkillers, sleeping pills and other medicines or food supplements with this 100% organic hemp milk, which promises to relieve anxiety and pain, aid sleep and reduce stress. Acting on our endocannabinoid system, CBD can regulate the body’s state of balance, impacting on mood, sleep, hormone regulation, immune response, pain perception ant other physiological functions.

Rawligion’s Relax milk is dairy-free and it tastes very similar to almond milk, added with a herbaceous “hempy” aftertaste. Hemp seeds, and also cashews, dates, coconut oil contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids. We can believe Rawligion’s Relax is generally good for our health. Not so sure about the eventual therapeutic effects (more than placebo) at those low CBD concentrations.

This standardised hemp seeds/CBD drink is one of the first of its kind being found on the shelves in Europe. The idea is not so new since everybody can grind a handful of hemp seeds, adding water, CBD, and whatever else he might figure, and have his yummy and healthy hemp drink. Anyhow, we all welcome this new generation of healthy non-carbonated, no-sugar-added, vegan organic drinks. And we can’t wait to taste them in a Gin-based cocktail.


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