CBD Cuts Childhood Epilepsy Seizures in Half

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CBD Cuts Childhood Epilepsy Seizures in Half

Epilepsy has been long identified as one of the most promising applications for CBD. The new CBD-based drug Epidiolex is now showing highly promising results.

After the case of Charlotte made big news, fighting Epilepsy with CBD is hardly newsworthy anymore. However, now the big players are getting into the game. The british drug manufacturer GW Pharmaceuticals has released a series of promising results relating to their new CBD-based epilepsy treatment. The drug called Epidiolex uses cannabis extracts or more specifically the marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) in a purified form. Non-psychoactive, CBD does not cause highs. In fact, the curiously conducive compound counteracts THC ('the high component' or Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Epidiolex (according to the manufacturer) has led to an average reduction in seizure frequency to 50% among a group of 27 children and young adults. Apparently "15% of patients were completely seizure-free following treatment. Of the 9 patients who suffered from Dravet syndrome, 3 that received Epidiolex became seizure-free.“

Orrin Devinsky Managing Director at the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center said "The initial open-label study with Epidiolex has provided encouraging results." This low-key optimism was reiterated by GW Pharmaceuticals who labelled the findings as "promising" and announced plans to begin phase 2/3 clinical trials in the latter half of 2014.

For years marijuana has been known to alleviate a slew of medical ailments both physical and mental. Take anxiety disorders for instance; the most common of all mental disorders in fact, affects millions of people around the world. Suffers of the disorder who turned to cannabis found that their symptoms in many cases had complete subsided or had dramatically reduced. People who suffer from joint and muscular pains also found that smoking medical marijuana helped to ease their pain and discomfort greatly.

Due to the drugs early but nonetheless 'blazing' success US regulator the Food and Drug Administration or FDA have granted Epidiolex both orphan drug status and fast track designation. This eagerness to get the drug up to the official code comes as a much-welcomed change of pace - somewhat curbing the onslaught of biased bigots and uneducated buffoons. But now isn't the time for idol insults, now is the to quietly revel in what could possibly be a breakthrough for sufferers of epilepsy everywhere!

Big pharma stepping in evokes resistance in many green-minded folks. And rightly so, as individuals who make use of cannabis’ natural healing power are prosecuted, all while cannabis products are more and more being introduced as patented pharmaceuticals. The fear of seeing legal cannabis patronized by cooperations is certainly shaping up to unfold, however, it can only be hoped that the overwhelming medical benefits of cannabis will ultimately result in its complete legalization.