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Desktop vaporizers have all kinds of fancy and irresistible tech packed into them. It allows for a quality of experience you just can’t get from a portable vaporizer. Sure, you can’t walk about town with it, but if you want to vape in the comfort of your own home, nothing can come close in quality. Vaporizing your weed will bring out the hidden flavours, offer much purer levels of cannabinoids, and avoid all of the health pitfalls associated with smoking – and these are but a few of the benefits. So if you want the best of the best, you could do no better than the vaporizers listed in our top 10 desktop vaporizer list – which we update on a regular basis.

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Dr. Dabber Switch

The super-advanced Dr. Dabber Switch is a clever and thought-out vaporizer for both flower and oil. You no longer have to use two separate vapes to consume both forms of cannabis. The Switch utilises high-end technology for a super fast heat-up time and pure and smooth hits that taste delicious! The powerful battery gives you clouds for session after session!


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Arizer V-Tower

The V-Tower manufactured by Arizer is an excellent quality, whip-based vaporizer at an affordable price. The V-Tower operates with incredible precision. Clean and clear LCD display shows the actual and preset temperature.


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The VOLCANO HYBRID is more than just Storz & Bickel’s classic desktop vaporizer design with a new name. Featuring app functionality (iOS and Android), faster heat up times, and integrated controls, it is the pinnacle of desktop vaporizing. Made using the same high-quality materials you’ve come to know and love, the Volcano Hybrid delivers pure, smooth and unforgettable vapour.

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Puffco “The Peak” Smart Rig

When technology meets expertise, first class solutions are created. Introducing The Peak Smart Rig from Puffco. Available through Zamnesia, The Peak offers a glimpse at the future of dabbing.

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Sticky Brick HydroBrick Maxx

The HydroBrick Maxx by Sticky Brick is a sturdy, full-convection vape for dry herb. By skipping the electronics and using a torch lighter (included) for the heat source, this device reaches full temperature in 10 seconds or less for vapor on demand. When not in use, all parts store neatly in the transformed HydroBrick Maxx, which looks like a plain wooden box.

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The VOLCANO CLASSIC, by STORZ & BICKEL, is the precision engineered Mercedes of high quality vaporizers and a genuine game changer when it was released. The VOLCANO continues to set the bar high when it comes to quality, durability and performance, being made in a German town famous for centuries for its surgical equipment manufacturing skills.


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Verdamper Deluxe

The Dutch-made Verdamper was a pioneering device when it was launched in 1995 and remains one of the more popular vaporizers out there. Despite its homemade ‘laboratory’ look, it’s regarded by many as one of the best vaporizers there is, period. The Verdamper Deluxe is available in a Small and Large size.


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Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer is the latest and one of the greatest vaporizers on the market. It is the latest high-tech model by Arizer and will not disappoint. It boasts a multitude of functions not found in most vaporizers, making it a serious player and an ideal choice for those who love to vaporize but want nothing but the best.


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The PLENTY Vaporizer is a silent and lightweight, yet robust and powerful hand-held device. This durable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel weighs only 680 grams and is as small as 15.5cm x 22.5cm x 5cm. It is equipped with a stainless steel cooling coil and utilizes a direct application system. The temperatures for vaporization can be adjusted between 266°F and 395°F (130°C and 202°C).


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VOLCANO DIGIT by STORZ & BICKEL is a high precision vaporizer made in Germany. The CLASSIC version was a game changer when it was released and the DIGIT is another milestone in the history of vaporizers. Quality, durability and performance like you would expect from a Mercedes. This vaporizer even made it to the grand cuisine!


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