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Kiwi SeedsThere are 24 cannabis strains

Kiwi Seeds is located and run out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They are a cannabis seed bank offering a vast array of high quality marijuana seeds which are used for recreational, medicinal and health purposes. Kiwi Seeds' cannabis seed products are created with over ten years of experience in breeding with genetics sourced through countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, India, New Zealand, South Africa and even Afghanistan. Kiwi Seeds offer popular seeds with their own special touch such as "Kiwiskunk" and "Daddy's Girl" and rare hybrids of their own creation such as their award winning "Mako Haze", "White Island" and "Milkyway". All strains of their marijuana are tested for THC production and flowering times. All seeds are produced fresh and by professionals and are very healthy, not to mention the highest quality which ensures greater germination rates of all of their products when growing.