Soapstone Pipes

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Soapstone is a metamorphic rock largely composed of the mineral talc that looks like marble, but is much softer. It has been a medium for carving for thousands of years and it seems only natural man created some of the very first archaic smoking devices from it. Even nowadays pipes made from soapstone enjoy great popularity and are available in various shapes and sizes.

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Soapstone Pipe Wave

Soapstone is actually a magnesium silicate and its cooling effect makes it ideal for pipes. This durable two-piece pipe is pleasantly smooth to the hand and will stone you off your ass. Comes apart at the bowl for maximum portability. It is recommended to use it with a brass screen.


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Soapstone Pipe Rectangle

Soapstone looks like marble, but actually it is a magnesium silicate. This one-piece pipe is nearly indestructible and has a nice cooling effect, providing a smooth smoking experience. It is advised to use it with a brass screen.


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Soapstone Chillum Plain

Black simplicity with a hole. Huh? No, I didn't have a hit from this plain Soapstone Chillum ... But those few words pretty much describe it. It is dark and it has a hole - simple, right? Only 17.5 cm long, easy to clean and perfect for a smoke on the go. Colours may vary slightly.


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Soapstone Pipe Smooth

Smooth simplicity made from soapstone, a magnesium silicate with a cooling effect, ideal for pipes. Durable and nearly indestructible pipe for the quick smoke en route. It is advised to use this stone age relic with a brass screen.


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Soapstone Chillum Plain Small

A small, easy to hide and clean smoking device made from soapstone, a magnesium silicate, perfect for pipes because of its cooling effect. Smooth surface and a simple design - a plain small Soapstone Chillum.


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